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MJ De Castro

New York City Street

New York City Is Trying To Limit The Number Of Lyft, Uber Drivers On The Road

New York City Council is putting a cap on the number of ridesharing vehicles to decrease congestion in the streets. Lyft and Uber deemed the restriction as an attack on the residents who lack access to public transport.



Yes, Landlocked States Have Beaches, Too: Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

Think people can only go to a beach if they live near the coast? Check out these amazing beaches in landlocked states which will leave beach lovers craving for an adventure. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen.


Maneki Neko

The Origin Story Behind The Japanese Waving Cat, Plus Other Interesting Facts

Japan visitors may be familiar with adorable Maneki Neko, an adorable cat raising its paw in the air as if it is waving. The talisman can be seen across the world in homes and establishments to bring luck.


MariCar Japan

How To Play Mario Kart In Japan — On A Real Street With Real Traffic

People visiting Japan can now pretend to be part of the world-famous Nintendo game 'Mario Kart' by joining a go-kart tour. Riders only need to have a valid Japanese driving license or an international driving permit to join.



Bride Fires Her Bridesmaid At The Last Minute — JetBlue And The Internet Comes To The Rescue

Courtney Duffy asked JetBlue to refund her cross-country ticket after receiving an email from her bride-to-be pal saying that she had been axed from the wedding entourage. The bride even asked her to return her bridesmaid outfit.



Lyft May Add A Feature Letting You Tell Your Driver You Don’t Want To Chit-Chat

Lyft has affirmed that is has been playing around with a 'zen mode' feature. The innovation will allow its passengers to politely let their drivers know that they don’t want to engage in small talk.


United Airlines

United Airlines Will Give Free Flights To Families Separated At The Border

In order to help immigrants whose children were separated at the border, United Airlines is donating flights to help them reach their next destination for free. The carrier’s move has garnered praise on social media.


Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Replaces Morgan Freeman As The Voice Of Trains, Buses In Vancouver

In an attempt to give a more effective experience and a sense of pride to the residents of Vancouver, TransLink has hired Seth Rogen to be the voice of their public transit announcements.


The Hollywood Theater

This Is The Only Airport In The United States That Has Its Own Cinema

Movie fans traveling in Portland International Airport can stop by its charming Hollywood Theater to watch films. The movie house is free and might possibly be the best way to pass the time while waiting to board a flight.



Zoo Accused Of Painting Donkey To Fool Visitors Into Thinking It’s A Zebra

A zoo in Cairo, Egypt was reported to pass off a donkey into a zebra by painting it with stripes. A photo posted on Facebook by a concerned citizen quickly became viral and sparked anger with animal activists.


Universal Studios

There Might Be A Fourth Universal Orlando Theme Park

Universal Studios is upping its game against its rival, Walt Disney World, by confirming that it has filed a patent for Fantastic Worlds. The new theme park could possibly house Nintendo-related attractions and rides.


Chicken Guy!

Disney World Now Has A Guy Fieri Restaurant

Guy Fieri is revamping Disney Springs’ Planet Hollywood to make it into Chicken Guy!, a restaurant which serves amazing chicken tenders. The fast-casual restaurant is the Food Network celebrity’s second venture in Orlando.


American Airlines

American Airlines Removes Ban On Carry-On Bags For Cheapest Fares

American Airlines will finally allow their customers who buy its cheapest tickets to bring a carry-on luggage starting September 5. Currently, the carrier’s Basic Economy fare passengers are restricted to bring a bag unless they pay an additional change.



Here’s Why US Airlines Are Changing How They Refer To Taiwan

American, Delta, and United have chosen to change how they refer to Taiwan in its websites due to China’s demand. If airlines don’t comply, they might face a sanction in one of the world’s major aviation markets.


Best and Worst Airlines

The Best And Worst Airlines Of 2018

Singapore Airlines was named as the best airline in the world in the Skytrax World Airline Awards. The distinctions given by the award-giving body were based on surveys of more than 20 million travelers.


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