Whenever you think Lapland, do you see only the Northern Lights? Think again! This Arctic wonderland packs more adventure per snowflake than anywhere else on the map. From dogsledding through frosty forests to cozy nights in ice hotels, Lapland is a playground for the winter enthusiast in you.

Sure, the Northern Lights are stellar, but let's skate past the obvious to explore the heart-pumping, chilly thrills that await in the snow-dusted realms of Finland's far north. 

These are some expert tips on how you can experience Lapland beyond the northern lights.

How to Experience Lapland Beyond the Northern Lights

(Photo : pasja1000 on Pixabay)

Chill in an Icehotel

Imagine tucking yourself into a thermal sleeping bag on a bed carved from ice. That is a night at the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland. Each winter, this architectural marvel is sculpted anew from the frozen waters of the River Torne. 

According to Discover the World, during your stay, you can master the art of ice sculpting or whip through the snow on a husky sled. Warm accommodations are available, but sleeping in one of the uniquely designed Art Suites at a crisp -5C is an experience you will not forget.

Cozy Up in a Log Cabin

Lapland is dotted with charming log cabins nestled in thick, snowy forests. These cabins are the epitome of cozy with roaring fires and private saunas. 

Whether you are traveling with your significant other, your family, or a group of friends, there is a cabin to suit your needs. Activities like cross-country skiing and ice fishing are just steps away from your warm retreat.

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Experience the Midnight Sun

Lapland transforms under the midnight sun, where the sun does not set for weeks. This natural phenomenon allows for endless days of exploration. 

You can hike through the unspoiled Arctic wilderness or drive above the Arctic Circle. Consider a rail journey for the ultimate slow travel experience, making stops at pristine locations along the way.

Embrace the Festive Spirit

There is no better place to get into the holiday spirit than Lapland. The region turns into a winter wonderland, complete with snow-dusted trees and sparkling lights. 

Families can enjoy a magical visit to Santa's village, while others might prefer ringing in the New Year at a snowy retreat. From saunas to sleigh rides, the festive options are as plentiful as the snowflakes.

Lead Your Own Husky Sled

Travel and Leisure suggested that gliding across the snowy landscape behind a team of eager huskies is a thrilling way to explore. In Lapland, you can learn to mush your own dog team through the pristine trails. 

If you prefer to sit back and enjoy the ride, that is fine too. An experienced guide can handle the sled while you take in the breathtaking views and the quiet sounds of nature.

Ride a Snowmobile

For a rush of adrenaline, hop on a snowmobile. With trails that weave through forests and over frozen lakes, snowmobiling is a thrilling way to see Lapland. 

You can chase the northern lights at night or explore the frosty wilderness by day. Remember, you will need a valid driving license to steer these powerful machines.

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