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SeaWorld Offers FREE Admission for Veterans Through July 4

As a small thank you for the sacrifices they've made, U.S. Veterans and up to three guests can enjoy experiences that matter - including brand new attractions and events - for free


Air Travel

3 Air Travel Nightmares That Travel Insurance Doesn't Cover

When traveling, there can be some hiccups here and there. While most issues are covered by travel insurance, some can be the cause of travel nightmares.


Pricess Cruises

Princess Cruises 2019-2020 Cruise Vacations to Asia on Sale

Want to cruise Asia in style? Check out what the Princess Cruises offers for the 2019-2020 season.


Best Hotels

The U.S. had the highest number of Most Wanted properties, dominating the Loved By Guests Awards 2018

Nearly 1,500 U.S. hotels received the 'Most Wanted' prize in Loved by Guests Awards 2018. The top cities with Most Wanted properties in the U.S. are New York, Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas


Injured Veterans

Warriors Empowered While Building Strength on Kayaking Journey

Warriors and guests recently participated in a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) event where they kayaked on picturesque Dora Canal, sometimes called “the most beautiful mile of water in the world.”


Island of Kauai, Hawaii

5 Best Places To Travel In June 2017 For A Summer Getaway

Before planning for a great summer vacation trip with friends or family, this list of best places to travel in June 2017 will be helpful in regards to a location with exotic weather and superb holiday spots to explore.


How Do You Beat Jet Lag?

Jet Lag: Research Reveals Surprising Findings

Jet lag is debilitating, disorientating and can even make humans lose their hunger and charisma. A recent study has revealed few surprising finding of jet lag.


CBP Demonstrates New App For Expedited Passport Control And Customs Screening

Efficient Fliers Share Their Travel Secrets: Use These Tips & Travel Like Pro

Traveling frequently can have an adverse impact on mind and health if not done right. Some efficient fliers have shared their travel tips which you can use to make your journey stress-free and smooth.


Amazon/ Cambiami-Leather-Slingback-Interchangeable

Travel Gift Ideas That Says You Care

Travel gift ideas are aplenty these days because they can be bought with a few clicks online. Here are five of the most practical gifts that you can surprise your friends with.


Welcome to Airbnb

Benefits Versus Risks in Home Sharing

Home sharing has been found as a tourism strategy to encourage more travelers. But it has its benefits and risks. H


British Cottages

Five Magical British Cottages That Look Straight Out Of Fairytales

Fairytale-style cottages exist in Britain, each of them along a beach, everything exciting or woodlands. Time to explore them this year!


United Airlines -- David Dao Incident

United Airlines Cleared By Aviation Police Over David Dao Case

David Dao was "violent" and "verbally abusive" before the aviation officers showed up, according to aviation police investigations. Chicago's inspector general and aviation commissioner are also working to give clarity to the case's details.


Shark Frenzy Tilt-A-Whirl

Pacific Park's Pioneering Shark Frenzy Ride Features Seven Different Shark Breeds

Santa Monica's seaside theme park has a new ride most people would die to try. Shark Frenzy is the world's first shark-themed tilt-a-whirl ride and Pacific Park's newest attraction featuring seven cars as seven different shark breeds.


Trump Celebrates First Easter Egg Roll As US President

Trump Celebrates First Easter Egg Roll As US President

With less than 100 days in leadership, US President Donald Trump celebrates his first Easter Egg Roll in the White House.


Five Things To Do When You Are Travelling With A Disabled Person

Five Things To Do When You Are Traveling With A Disabled Person

Persons with disabilities are as special as what their needs should be. Despite the incapability they have, they likewise deserve to experience good life through traveling and discovering beautiful places outside the four corners of their homes.


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