Mexico has a lot of tacos, beaches, and mariachi bands, but Tijuana takes the taco for its energetic atmosphere and lively culture! Positioned as the world's busiest border city, Tijuana is filled with stories that simply do not wait. 

If you are just crossing over for a quick visit or settling in for a few days, you will discover that Tijuana offers a range of experiences. Here are the things you should know when visiting Tijuana, Mexico.

What You Should Know About Tijuana, the World's Busiest Border City

(Photo : Magdiel Barragán on Unsplash)

Explore the Cultural Hotspots of Tijuana

Tijuana is full of cultural attractions that are a must-see. Take a walk down the lively Avenida Revolución, the city's social hub. Be sure to visit the Tijuana Cultural Center, which welcomes over a million visitors each year with its exciting exhibits and historical displays. 

This center is an educational spot and a key part of the city's cultural life. Whether you love history or art, Tijuana offers an engaging mix of both.

Dive into the Local Cuisine

Eating like a local is essential when in Tijuana. The city is renowned for its authentic Mexican food that will delight your taste buds. From street food vendors serving fresh fish tacos to high-end restaurants in Zona Río, there is something for everyone. 

According to Nomad is Beautiful, Tijuana's food scene is a lively celebration of flavors where even a simple meal feels like a feast. So, do not skip out on the local dishes that offer a true taste of Mexican culinary skills.

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Safety First in Tijuana

Safety is a primary concern for many travelers, and Tijuana is no exception. Despite the crowds, the city is as safe as any large city where common sense is your guide. 

Watch your belongings, be aware of your surroundings, and you will find that Tijuana welcomes tourists. The main streets and popular tourist spots are well-monitored and considered safe, allowing you to explore freely without excessive worry.

The Underrated Beaches of Tijuana

While Tijuana might not be the first name that comes to mind for beaches, it certainly deserves recognition. Playas de Tijuana is the city's most popular beach, complete with a lively boardwalk and a culturally significant border wall. 

The beach offers a mix of relaxation and local culture. Spend a day relaxing by the Pacific and enjoy the sun-drenched shores of Tijuana.

Crossing into Tijuana Made Easy

Entering Tijuana is an experience in itself. The San Ysidro Port of Entry is one of the busiest yet most efficient border crossings. Whether driving, walking, or flying, entering Tijuana is smoother than expected. 

GenX Traveler praises the structured chaos that greets travelers, highlighting the various ways one can cross from the United States into this vibrant Mexican city. Have your documents ready and enjoy the unique experience of crossing into another country effortlessly.

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