If you are itching for an adventure that takes you into the heart of Mexico's vibrant culture, unbeatable weather, and jaw-dropping architecture, Oaxaca is your go-to spot. Located in the southwest part of Mexico, this city stands out in a country brimming with must-visit places.

It is not just the heart but the soul of Mexican culture, bursting with life through its colorful traditions, sunny days that seem to stretch forever, and buildings that are nothing short of masterpieces by Mexico's top designers.

Oaxaca, Mexico
(Photo : Roman Lopez on Unsplash)

Recently, Oaxaca was just named as the "best city" in the world by Travel and Leisure, and here's why!

Dive into Oaxaca's Culture

Stepping into Oaxaca is like walking into a massive, open-air party where everyone's invited. This place is buzzing with culture that's not just seen, but felt. Think vibrant markets where every stall pops with colors and crafts, and music that follows you around, making your heart beat in sync with the city's rhythm.

Art buffs? This city has galleries at every corner, showing pieces that tell the rich stories of Oaxaca. Walking these streets, with the smell of delicious eats wafting through the air and laughter echoing, you'll get why this city is a total vibe.

Eat Your Heart Out

If you thought you knew Mexican food, Oaxaca's gonna show you have just scratched the surface. This city is a foodie's paradise, dishing out flavors so unique and bold, your taste buds will be doing a happy dance. Dive into a plate of mole and you will get what I mean - it's like a party on your palate.

Street food here? Legendary. From spicy to sweet treats, your food journey in Oaxaca is gonna be one for the books. And oh, the chocolate here is the real deal, rich and crafted the old-school way. 

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Stare in Awe at the Architecture

Oaxaca's got this cool mix of old-world charm meets modern vibes in its architecture. Walking through the city is like flipping through the pages of a history book, but in 3D. The buildings, especially in the UNESCO-stamped city center, tell stories of times gone by, all while looking stunning.

Santo Domingo church? Absolutely breathtaking. But it's not all history lessons here; the city's got a fresh, artsy side with modern designs that will catch your eye. Oaxaca nails that perfect blend of respecting the old while rocking the new.

Get Wild in Nature

The city's cool and all, but Oaxaca's natural scenes? Mind-blowing. If you are up for chilling on untouched beaches, trekking through lush forests, or climbing rugged mountains, Oaxaca's got you covered. Ever seen a petrified waterfall? Hierve el Agua's got them, and yeah, they are as awesome as they sound. And the Sierra Norte mountains are perfect for losing yourself (not literally, hopefully) in nature. Oaxaca's outdoors is a giant playground for adventure and chill seekers.

Nights to Remember

When the sun dips, Oaxaca lights up in a whole new way. The nightlife here has something for every mood. Wanna dance till your feet hurt? Hit up the clubs. Looking for a chill spot to soak in the city lights? Rooftop bars are where it's at. And you can't leave Oaxaca without hitting a mezcalería to sip on the local spirit. Nighttime in Oaxaca is when the city shows its playful side, buzzing with energy and packed with unforgettable moments. 

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