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Luxury Hotel Loyalty Programs Are Missing Out on Experiences

While 75 percent of luxury hotel loyalty programs offer free-night stay rewards, only 35 percent offered other experiences as

Travel Intel Travel

7 Hours of Travel, 2 Hours on the Ground: Worth It for the Rewards Points

On the shortest day of 2017, a day with less than eight hours of daylight available in my corner of the Northern Hemisphere, I

Leisure hawaii

You Can Now Learn Hawaiian With Duolingo

Hawaii may still be in the United States, but it's a world away. And your trip to the 50th state will definitely be more fruitful if you can drop in something a bit more

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Traveling Couple

Five Packing Tips for the Traveling Couple


What does it take to secure the Northern Ireland Travel ‘Student of the Year’ award?

kids travel

Traveling with kids requires due diligence

hotel room

How to get the best hotel room


How to improve your travel literacy | Travel Wise


Letter of Recommendation: YouTube Travel

hotel window

Why more consolidation is on the cards for hotels

travel accessories

10 Travel Accessories That Make Traveling Easier

Perugia, Italy

Where should you travel to in October? Here are some ideas.

travel app

Founder Of Travel Club, PK's List, Reveals A New App And His Top Ten Hotels In The World

Founder of a new travel app, PK's List, which was launched in May 2018, travel expert Philippe Kjellgren (or PK, as he is most commonly known), has been hailed as the Michelin Guide equivalent for the luxury hotel world.


A New Luxury Hotel From Atelier Ace Is Hitting New Orleans In 2019

People in New Orleans have something new to look forward to. Famous for building distinctive boutique hotels, Ace Hotels is bringing its brand to the city with its Maison de la Luz. The luxury hotel will open next year.


Starbucks To Open Its First Deaf-Friendly Branch In Washington, DC

Starbucks is taking a step forward into making its store inclusive for people hard-of-hearing and deaf people. The chain is opening its first deaf-friendly store in Washington, which will hire at least 20 staff fluent in ASL.


The Best Spots In The World For Diving With Sharks

Those who have a thirst for adventure would absolutely love to see sharks in their natural habitat. Seeing the feared animal in the open ocean not only warrants an adventure of a lifetime, but also an understanding of their species.

Watermelon Skiing

Yup, Watermelon Skiing Is A Thing, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Weird Sport

Adventurers have not lived fully until they have tried the absolutely ridiculous sport of watermelon skiing. The wacky event, which started in the watermelon capital of Australia, is finally getting its much-deserved attention.

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Good news await riders of Lyft as the company an

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Havana's First Five-Star Hotel Opens Now

The Gran Hotel Manzana La Habana Kempinski in Havana, Cuba o

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Travel Deals 2017: 5 Best Travel Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, and i

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