Southwest Airlines is under investigation after one of its flights almost crashed into the Pacific Ocean. The incident happened on April 11 when the plane was flying from Honolulu to Lihue. 

The Boeing 737 Max 8, operated by Southwest Airlines, plunged towards the ocean, coming dangerously close at about 400 feet above the water. This frightening event occurred during bad weather but, thankfully, ended without any injuries.

Southwest Airlines Faces Scrutiny After Near Catastrophe Over Pacific

(Photo : F. Muhammad from Pixabay)

Southwest Airlines Scrambles After Dangerous Descent

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) started looking into the incident right after it happened. 

According to The Guardian, the plane suddenly dropped at a speed of 4,000 feet per minute. After the descent, the aircraft managed to climb back up and safely returned to Honolulu. This quick action helped avoid a major disaster.

Southwest Airlines has stressed that safety is their top priority. They stated that the situation was handled properly through their Safety Management System. The airline always aims to improve and ensure the safety of its flights.

This isn't the first troubling event for the Boeing 737 Max series. 

Another Southwest Airlines flight experienced a problem in May when it performed a Dutch roll-a kind of movement where the plane tilts and rocks from side to side. The incident happened during a flight from Phoenix to Oakland and resulted in some damage to the plane. However, the aircraft landed safely.

The recent events have brought more attention to the safety of the Boeing 737 Max planes. Earlier this year, the FAA had already ordered checks on these planes after a serious issue was found with the fuselage on another flight.

As investigations continue, Southwest Airlines is cooperating fully to understand these incidents better and to guarantee the safety of its passengers and crew.

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Southwest Airlines Recovers After Frightening Incident

In a harrowing incident off the coast of Hawaii, a Southwest Airlines flight narrowly avoided a disastrous crash. The Boeing 737 Max 8, operated by Southwest Airlines, experienced a severe plunge during a flight from Honolulu to Lihue in April, dropping within 400 feet of the Pacific Ocean. The descent occurred under adverse weather conditions, making visibility poor and complicating the landing process.

According to The Hindustan Times, the flight, identified as Southwest Flight 2786, was forced to abort its initial landing attempt at approximately 1,000 feet due to the obscured runway. In a critical moment, the aircraft dramatically descended over 4,000 feet per minute. 

Fortunately, the pilots regained control, quickly correcting the descent by aggressively climbing at a rate of 8,500 feet per minute, and safely returned to Honolulu.

No injuries were reported among the passengers and crew. Following the incident, Southwest Airlines reaffirmed its commitment to safety, stating through a spokesperson that safety remains their highest priority. 

The airline is reviewing the event thoroughly to possibly update its training and safety protocols.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation into the near-miss, focusing on the details of the flight's rapid descent and recovery. This incident adds to a series of concerns regarding the safety of Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

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