Recently, Southwest Airlines has brought back a special offer for its passengers. This deal lets travelers pick one person to fly with them for free. To get this offer, passengers must be part of the airline's frequent flyer program, Rapid Rewards. They need to sign up for the promotion, buy a ticket by March 27, and travel by May 22. 

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Southwest Airlines Offers Free Companion Flights in New Promotion

Southwest Airlines' Companion Pass is a favorite among its Rapid Rewards members. Jonathan Clarkson, a vice president at Southwest, said they are excited to offer this promotion again. He mentioned it lets customers share adventures and make lasting memories with their favorite person. To use the free flight offer, passengers must choose a companion who will fly for free between Aug. 5 and Oct. 2.

In addition to this promotion, according to Travel Pulse, Southwest Airlines also shared news about starting overnight flights for the first time. These flights will begin in about two years, going from Las Vegas to Hawaii. This is a big step for Southwest, which has been flying for 57 years. The airline is working on the details to make these night flights happen.

Southwest Airlines is known for its unique offers and customer-friendly services. By bringing back the Companion Pass promotion and planning new overnight flights, Southwest aims to give its passengers more ways to travel and enjoy new experiences. For more details about the promotion and how to join, travelers should visit the Southwest Airlines website.

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Southwest Airlines Plans to Launch Overnight Flights

Southwest Airlines, based in Dallas, has announced it will start offering overnight flights, also known as red-eye flights, from Las Vegas to Hawaii. At an air travel conference last week, Ryan Green, the Chief Commercial Officer, shared this decision. However, these new flight options might take up to two years to become available. 

According to Chron, the delay is due to the need to sort out technical and labor issues. Once these flights start, Southwest Airlines might offer around 50 red-eye flights every day.

This move comes as Southwest Airlines faces challenges with its fleet. The airline recently announced a cut in flight capacity due to slower production and delivery of Boeing Max planes. These issues are part of broader problems with the plane manufacturer Boeing, whose CEO David Calhoun will be stepping down at the end of the year.

Red-eye flights are popular with travelers who want to save money and make the most of their time at their destination. These flights depart late at night and arrive the next morning. They are often cheaper and can help travelers save on hotel costs. 

Despite the benefits, Southwest Airlines is entering the red-eye market later than other airlines. American Airlines, for example, has been offering these flights for decades and has fine-tuned the service to enhance passenger comfort during these late-night journeys.

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