Businesses (especially small businesses) across the nation have had to close their doors - in some cases for good - due to the pandemic. People don't have the money to buy things like they used to. What little money they do have, they're holding on to because no one knows if they'll need it down the road. 

With that said, one industry has managed to stay afloat. The housing market has managed to continue to thrive to some degree because everyone needs housing. What's truly interesting is that of the 1,000 real estate agents who took part in HomeLight's Q3 survey, 77% say some of their listings have received numerous offers!

If you're hoping to list your house sometime soon, here are some of the features that'll help your house sell quickly in a COVID world.

1. Private spaces

Open floor plans may have been the hottest thing on home improvement shows, but the pandemic has made people realize that they need privacy. It's a little difficult to binge a Netflix show when the kids are talking with their friends in the kitchen. According to the survey, 10% of real estate agents have shared that their clients are tired of open floor plans and they want clearly defined rooms with doors! 

2. Spacious outdoor living areas

If you've lived in the city, you've probably longed for a yard where you can entertain, exercise or just soak up some sun. Even if a buyer's apartment, condo or townhouse has a small patio or balcony, 20% of agents say their clients want a larger outdoor living space. 

How could you blame them? When the weather is beautiful, who wants to stay cooped up inside - especially after months of the pandemic-related quarantine? Buyer's certainly don't!

3. Space for working and learning from home

The school year for many districts have already started and the parents of millions of students have decided to keep their children at home because the virus is still running amuck. Why, schools in several states tried reopening, but they had to close down again due to the virus spreading!

That's why 7% of agents say buyers want a home with multiple office spaces - or at least one office space. A private home office will let students and parents get their work done with little to no distraction because they can close the door. 

Just think how much we take the ability to close a door for granted!

4. Easy access to parks, hiking trails and more

Being outdoors is a hot commodity among buyers because they've realized how precious being out in nature is. Not only do homeowners want outdoor living spaces of their own, they want access to beaches, parks, and/or hiking trails to name a few. They want to be near these places for a change of scenery, a place to forget whatever's going on in the world at that moment and just... breathe. 

5. Plenty of natural light

Have you ever heard someone say that they want a house with as few windows as possible? Maybe if you were talking to the vampire Lestat, but for humans, windows are a necessity (no, they really are a necessity as per building code requirements). Homes with large windows (or even a lot of windows will suffice) let plenty of sunlight to light up the room. The windows can also be opened to let fresh air in, which is great for air circulation.

There are lots of things people want when they're looking for when house hunting. When you work with an experienced real estate agent, they'll work their hardest to get you what you want!