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JetBlue Flight Attendant Comes To A Dog’s Rescue

A recent post on Facebook has made JetBlue airlines a hero for pet owners. According to the post, a French bulldog was rescued by the airline’s flight attendant after suffering from hypoxia.


Small Lavatories

It’s Not Just You, Airplane Bathrooms Are Really Getting Smaller

People riding a plane who are confused if the bathroom is getting smaller or if they picked up a few pounds finally have an answer. To make room for seats, U.S. airlines have revamped their fleets to have smaller lavatories.


Hypersonic Aircraft

New Concept Jet By Boeing Could Take You From New York To London In Just 2 Hours

People who travel by air are in for a treat, but not anytime soon. Boeing is currently working out its plan to build a hypersonic passenger aircraft that would take passengers across the Atlantic in just two hours.


United Airlines

What You Need To Know About The New ‘Premium Economy’ Cabins From United Airlines

United Airlines is launching new Premium Plus cabins for its passengers. Equipped with wider seats, built-in leg rests, and a generous recline, people will surely feel more comfortable on international flights without spending too much.


Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Comes To Canadian Market With Three New Flight Routes

Norwegian Air, one of the biggest low-cost airlines, is set to add 3 new routes to Canada. With cheap nonstop flights between Montreal and two of the top Caribbean destinations, plus Dublin and Hamilton, people will surely go crazy.


Powder-based items

TSA Tightens Rules For Those Carrying Powders In Flights

In an effort to raise the global aviation security baseline, TSA is set to implement stricter rules on powder-based items. Under the new guideline, travelers will only be allowed to carry powder which can fit into an average can.


Fight over Knee Defender anti-reclining seat lock grounds United flight in Chicago

Airplane Etiquette Says No Reclining Of Seats Unless You Pay The Passenger At The Back

Reclining seats are for comfort but not if the person at the back is uncomfortable.


Southwest And Other Airlines Testify At Safety Hearing On Capitol Hill

Passengers Still Happy With US Airlines Despite Latest Incidents, Airlines Satisfaction Ratings Up Again

The satisfaction ratings for U.S. airlines have increased again, making it five in a row, and this is despite the recent incidents. But airlines are still in the bottom tier of the service industry when it comes to passenger satisfaction.


Top 10 Premium Economy On Commercial Airlines (2016

Five Tips On Getting Free Upgrades On A Flight

Getting a free flight upgrade is rare but there are some ways on how to increase your chances of getting one. Well, here are five tips that might just help.


Sleepypod Air pet carrier - Instructional Video

Pet Safety 101: A Few Tips On Keeping Your Pets Safe On A Plane

There are lots of reasons why people bring their pets with them while flying. But whatever reason that is, it's important to know a few things about pet safety.


An HD Tour of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Using Amex Platinum For Your Airline Tickets: Is It Really The Best Credit Card To Use?

Purchasing your tickets with your credit cards can give you a lot of perks. But what's the advantage of using the Amex Platinum card? Well, here are things that you need to know.


CARRY ON LUGGAGE RULES: Size, Weight, & More

Air Travel Tips: Difference Between A Personal Item And Carry-on According To Airline Companies

To avoid complications when traveling, it's very important to know the difference between carry-on luggage and personal items. Here are some air travel tips that you might want to know before you take off for your next flight.


Travel Cheap

How To Spend Only $500 Or Less Traveling To 15 Countries In The World

With a little bit of sacifice, proper pre-planning including itineraries and some perseverance, travelers could travel to more than ten countries spending only $500 or even less.


For those who like to fly - airplane window view flying from Brazil to Miami over Bahamas sea

Airplane Facts: Why Planes Switched From Square Windows To Round Ones

Planes didn't always have round windows. In fact, almost every plane had square windows before the 1950s. But what made companies decided to change the shape of the windows? Well, here are a few things that you need to know.


Future Aircraft

Science Eyes Liquid Nitrogen As Alternative To Fuel For Sustainable Air Travel

For the future of the environment and driving down future costs of air travel, scientists look into liquid nitrogen as the best replacement for fossil fuel -- and in fact, decades of liquid nitrogen research and tests that prove it is viable for the task.


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