Delta Air Lines is introducing a new seating class called Delta Premium Select on its flights between New York-JFK and Los Angeles. Starting this September, passengers can look forward to a more luxurious and comfortable flight experience. 

The first flight offering this new class will take off on Sep. 10.

You Won't Want to Miss Delta Air Lines' New Domestic Premium Select

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Delta Air Lines Elevates Domestic Flights

Delta Premium Select isn't just about extra legroom. It features an improved dining experience with meals inspired by local flavors, and additional high-quality amenities designed to make the journey more enjoyable. 

Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, this new class ensures that you'll travel in greater comfort.

Moreover, according to Travel Pulse, Delta Air Lines will offer free Wi-Fi on all flights between New York-JFK and Los Angeles by the end of September. This service, provided by T-Mobile, means passengers can stay connected with family, friends, or work throughout their flight without interruption.

This upgrade is part of Delta's ongoing efforts to enhance the travel experience on one of its most important domestic routes. 

Since its debut in 2017, Delta Premium Select has become popular on the airline's international flights across the Pacific and Atlantic, and on select routes to Latin America. 

The recent updates to this service include better dining and amenities, more personalized service, and the option to choose your meal before you fly.

Delta Air Lines is committed to providing its passengers with a premium experience. With the introduction of Delta Premium Select on domestic flights, traveling between New York and Los Angeles will now be as rewarding as it is comfortable. 

If you're planning a trip between these two major cities, Delta's new class offers an ideal way to enhance your travel experience.

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About Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines isn't just about flying. With over 75,000 dedicated employees, they are committed to making the world a smaller, friendlier place. 

Every year, nearly 200 million travelers choose Delta to reach 275 destinations across 50 countries. With around 4,000 flights taking off daily, they're a key link in global connectivity.

Beyond transportation, Delta Air Lines strives to make a positive impact both in the sky and on the ground. As stated on its website, they are actively reducing their carbon footprint, striving for sustainability in all areas of operation. 

Their efforts are about being a good corporate citizen and fostering a more understanding and connected world.

Delta's dedication extends into creating an equitable workplace. They champion diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all employees are valued and respected. This commitment is also reflected in the communities they serve, where they actively participate and contribute to local well-being.

By connecting people and places, Delta Air Lines believes in the power of travel to bring about appreciation and change, making a better world for everyone.

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