Traveling with pets can be so ruff, right? You are all set for your great trip around the world, and then it occurs to you that you have had a little pet with fur ever since. Fear not! This is good news for pet lovers as pet-friendly airlines are fully prepared to welcome your furry friend and let you travel together.

Traveling with a furry friend was once considered a distress, but things are not as bad as before. Now, you have choices, and many airlines have begun accommodating pets on their airplanes. These pet-friendly airlines do not just allow your pet to travel by airplane, but make sure it does so in style.

These are the pet-friendly airlines you must consider when traveling with your furry friend or whatever animal that is!

These Pet-Friendly Airlines Make Global Travel With Pets Easy

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Alaska Airlines

When traveling with pets, choosing the right airline is important. Alaska Airlines stands out as a leader among pet-friendly airlines. They make the process seamless by allowing pets in the cabin and treating your pet carrier as a carry-on item. This way, your furry friend stays close and calm, right under the seat in front of you. 

Alaska Airlines exemplifies how pet-friendly airlines can change travel by putting pet comfort at the forefront.


JetBlue takes its place as one of the pet-friendly airlines with a kind offering: the JetPaws program. This innovative program caters to pet owners by providing a special pet carrier bag and valuable tips for managing pets while traveling. 

They even reward traveling pets and their owners with loyalty points, making every trip with your furry companion a little more rewarding. JetBlue's focus on making pet travel fun and stress-free shows why they are celebrated among pet-friendly airlines.

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Air Canada

Flying with a larger pet? Air Canada, recognized among pet-friendly airlines, ensures that larger pets have a safe space in the cargo area while smaller pets can snuggle safely in the cabin. 

They require pets to be secured in their carriers but guarantee comfort and safety throughout the flight. This airline's commitment to accommodating pets of all sizes shows its dedication to being pet-friendly.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines distinguishes itself among pet-friendly airlines by allowing cats and dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters to fly in the cabin. Including smaller pets makes Frontier a standout choice for pet owners looking to travel with less conventional furry friends. 

Their approach to pet travel ensures that all pets, regardless of size, can travel comfortably and safely with their owners.

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines rounds out our list of pet-friendly airlines with its flexible pet policy. They welcome various pets in the cabin, including cats, dogs, and even rabbits, as long as they're in an approved transport container. 

Their policy emphasizes safety and comfort, catering to pet owners who wish to keep their companions close during flights. Swiss International Airlines' commitment to flexible and friendly pet policies makes them a top choice among pet-friendly airlines.

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