Aer Lingus, a big airline, has had to cancel almost 400 flights because their pilots are on strike. The pilots are unhappy with their pay and have stopped doing extra work like working overtime. 

The strike has been going on for a while, and now Aer Lingus had to cancel 122 more flights that were supposed to fly by July 7.

Aer Lingus Cancels More Flights as Pilots Continue Their Strike

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Aer Lingus Pilots Strike for Fair Pay

The pilots, who are part of a group called the Irish Air Line Pilots' Association, are asking for better pay because they say the cost of living has gone up a lot. They did say they would take a smaller pay increase than the rise in living costs just to solve the problem, but they still haven't reached an agreement with Aer Lingus.

According to BBC, strikes are becoming a big problem for travelers. For instance, the canceled flights affected students and teachers of Shimna Integrated School, Northern Ireland. They slept on the floor and had to seek other means of reaching home.

Aer Lingus is attempting to assist the passengers somehow by providing them with other flights or refunding their money. They are also in negotiations with representatives of the pilots with the hope of putting and end to the strike. 

More discussion will be held later on Monday when they have another meeting.

The airline apologizes for all the trouble this is causing everyone. They are working hard to fix things as quickly as they can. Meanwhile, the pilots hope their strike will make Aer Lingus listen to their problems and come up with a fair solution.

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Family's Dream Trip Falls Apart

A father, Andrew McKee, shared how his family's dream trip to Disney World was ruined when Aer Lingus canceled their flights. The airline has called off over 220 flights due to ongoing strikes by its pilots. 

The action started after pilots, part of the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA), demanded better pay. They decided not to work overtime and planned a strike for eight hours on a Saturday.

In another report by BBC, McKee, from Bangor, County Down, was supposed to travel to Orlando, Florida, with his family of nine on Wednesday. He had to break the sad news to his children, Lucy and Toby, who were eagerly counting down the days to their Disney adventure. 

Lucy, especially, was looking forward to meeting her favorite Disney princesses. When they learned about the cancellation, it felt like their excitement was swept away suddenly.

Despite the disappointment, Aer Lingus offered McKee options to either reschedule his flights or get a refund. However, this solution didn't cover other prepaid holiday expenses like park tickets and hotel stays.

Aer Lingus and IALPA plan to attend meetings in Dublin to discuss the dispute. 

In the same region, McKee affirms the pilots' decision to go on strike due to performing hard work deserving of fair wages. He is now indeed thinking of redoing the holiday next year.

As for those affected by the cancellations, Aer Lingus is reaching out to provide alternate travel arrangements or refunds. The airline emphasizes its commitment to reducing the inconvenience caused to passengers and continues to invite pilots for negotiations to resolve the issue swiftly.

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