WestJet, a major airline based in Calgary, is facing a new threat of a strike by its maintenance workers. This comes just a week after a similar strike was avoided at the last minute. 

The potential strike could start as early as June 28, putting the travel plans of up to 70,000 passengers each day in jeopardy during the busy long weekend.

WestJet Faces Another Strike, 70,000 Daily Passengers at Risk

(Photo : John McArthur on Unsplash)

WestJet Strike Risks Holiday Travel Chaos

The dispute began again shortly after WestJet and the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association agreed to restart negotiations. Despite WestJet presenting a new offer to increase maintenance worker salaries by 22% over four years, the union found the offer inadequate compared to their demands.

According to Flight Global, WestJet's operations have been under pressure due to several labor disputes recently. Just earlier this month, the airline managed to dodge a strike by canceling around 40 flights in advance, aiming to minimize inconvenience to travelers and avoid leaving planes and crew stranded.

Diederik Pen, WestJet's chief operating officer, expressed frustration over the renewed strike threat, noting it as disappointing and unfair to the airline's customers, employees, and the communities that depend on their services. 

He criticized the union's timing of the strike notice, suggesting it was meant to target the busy holiday period for maximum impact.

The company had earlier gone through a tough negotiation with regional pilots, who only agreed to a new contract after initially threatening to strike, highlighting ongoing tensions in various sectors of the airline's operations. 

As the deadline approaches, WestJet and its travelers face uncertainty, and the potential for significant disruptions looms large.

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Westjet Collaborates with Condor Airlines

On June 24, WestJet is making travel to Europe easier for its Canadian customers by introducing direct flights to Frankfurt International Airport, Germany's busiest airport, from five cities across Canada. 

This new service is thanks to an expanded agreement with Condor Airlines, building on their 10-year relationship. Travelers from Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax can now enjoy the convenience of booking their flights directly through WestJet.

As per Travel Pulse Canada, the improved partnership allows passengers to check their bags through to their final destination and book their entire trip on one ticket, simplifying travel arrangements. 

Moreover, travelers will continue to earn WestJet Dollars on these flights, adding value to every trip they take.

The collaboration doesn't just benefit WestJet flyers. Condor's customers will also have better access to Canadian destinations via WestJet's extensive domestic network. 

This summer, connections to the United States will also become available for Condor's customers traveling through the Canadian hubs.

John Weatherill of WestJet emphasized the benefits of this partnership, noting it will enhance the travel experience for visitors to and from Canada, providing more options for leisure travel at affordable prices. 

Condor's Commercial Director, Jens Boyd, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the timely nature of this partnership as Condor resumes flights to Calgary.

This codeshare agreement is more than just a business expansion; it is a gateway for tourists and travelers exploring attractions across the Atlantic. 

With bookings now open through WestJet's website and app, planning a trip from Canada to Frankfurt or beyond just got a lot easier.

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