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Delta And Northwest Airlines Announce Merger Agreement

Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport Shooting: At Least Five Dead; Suspect In Custody

The largest mass shooting in the country happened; five people dead and eight wounded.


United Airlines Grounds All Flights Worldwide After Computer Glitch

United Airlines New Overhead Locker Protocol Not Wholeheartedly Embraced By Many Travelers

United Airlines will be offering a new basic economy fee this 2017. Many travelers were angry for they will have to pay extra charges for overhead cabins.


Daily Life In Pyongyang

North Korea Reports 'Hotel Of Doom' Rumored Opening At Last

One of the world's largest hotels is found in North Korea. This large "hotel of doom" is said to be restarting their operations.


Long Lines In Airports Rise

Chicago Thanksgiving 2016: Airport Workers Strike May Cause Problems For Travelers

Airport workers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport are expected to have a strike before Thanksgiving.


Whale Hunting In Japan Continues Amidst Criticism

Ocean Warriors: Sea Shepherd’s Weapon VS Japanese Whalers

Marine conservationists’ battle against Japanese has become more intense. This lead the Sea Shepherd Global, the self-proclaimed 'direct action' ocean conservation organization, a group that fights against poaching, hunting, and illegal fishing, to introduce their latest weapon against Japan’s whaling industry, the Ocean Warrior.


Rescuers locate missing bushwalkers in Royal National Park

Missing Teen Found in the Royal National Park: Two Other Lost Women Found

The search for the 16 year old Cassie Olzack who went missing in the Royal National Park has been closed after the teen was found safe on September 30, Friday after a 5-day search operation.


The British Prime Minister Attends The 71st Regular Session Of The UN General Assembly

"We will not walk away from our partners in the world"-Theresa May to UN

United Kingdom did not “vote to turn inwards,” United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May told the United Nations as it backed Brexit, according to BBC.


Japan Airlines Takes Delivery Of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Halal Meals On Board: How Japan Airlines Care For Muslim Passengers

Japan Airlines has recently announced that it will make available Halal Muslim originated meals on every outbound international flights originating out of Japan. The airline has made Halal meals available for specialized just for Muslim passengers.


Air Canada Cancels All Flights

How Cramped Airplane Seats Can Kill: Tourist Shares Chiiling Tale

A passenger taking an Air Canada flight shared that the seat he got placed him on the edge of almost getting killed. Colin Savage took a flight enroute Chile to Toronto on a 10-hour air travel. Not too long after he arrived, Savage revealed he experienced stinging pains over his lower part of his back. This news was reported by CBS News.


New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts

Safety Travel Tips: Should You Take Uber Abroad

Many wonder the safety of taking Uber should they take on their services overseas. Taking Uber may not be what customers expect if they take their services outside of their home country.


General Atmosphere At The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Doors Open Toronto 2016: 5 Unforgettable Places To Visit

The 17th Doors Open Toronto will be happening this weekend. This event will give residents the chance to gain opportunities to visit over 130 buildings all over the city.


Utah Reaches Deal With Federal Gov't To Open Its National Parks

How Zion National Park Became An Iconic Canyon, According To Science

American scientists have found out the exact date as to the landslide that arisen out of the accumulation of the legendary canyon. Word has it this canyon goes through over the now identified Zion National Park.


Ashley Monroe Performs Live Streamed Concert For 'Soundtrack Of America: Made In Tennessee' - Chicago

The Most Amazing Summer Activities In 2016 You Can't Miss

The summer season in 2016 is only a few days away, as Memorial Day quickly approaches. The team from Seat Geek worked in cooperation with travel search engine, KAYAK, to be able to run an analysis on a database of ticket and travel information. The purpose of this activity is to unveil the most in-demand events for the summer.



5 Funniest Movies About Travelling

Travelling can be overwhelming to many, especially when they are going at it alone. Travelling, though, may be eased in the company of wonderful movies that make one laugh. Travellers need to conduct a good search to be able to find the movies that would make them laugh, just before they travel and while they are travelling.



Island Hopping In The Caribbean: How To Get The Best Tours

Island trips to the Carribbean should not be too hard even for those who were just doing it for the first time. In other words, even if travellers are scared of going on unfamiliar trips for the first time, they can still go on these trips, thanks to helpful resources such as guides and maps.


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