A late-night fight over food on the last day of a Carnival Cruise Line journey led to several passengers being banned from future cruises. 

The brawl, which occurred in the buffet area of the Carnival Cruise Line's Paradise ship at 3 a.m., involved about 10 to 15 guests throwing punches and chairs.

Carnival Cruise Line Bans Unruly Guests After Buffet Fight

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Carnival Cruise Line Acts on Buffet Brawl

The fight started when passengers began insulting each other, escalating quickly into a full-on brawl captured on video by another guest. The footage shows a chaotic scene with guests physically attacking each other.

As reported by Travel Pulse, Carnival Cruise Line's security team quickly stepped in to stop the fight. 

Matt Lupoli, a spokesperson for Carnival, emphasized that the cruise line has a strict policy against such behavior. He confirmed that those involved were fined and would not be allowed to sail with Carnival Cruise Line again.

The incident underlines a continuing problem of unruly behavior on cruise ships-a very unpleasant trend that Carnival Cruise Line is trying to grapple with. In 2022, a similar incident had the company imposing fines on guests for disruptions to peace. 

This latest incident spells out clear signals that the company remains unfaltering in its commitment to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all of its passengers.

The passenger who recorded the disturbance described it as an isolated event, not reflecting the overall cruise experience. 

However, Carnival Cruise Line continues to take strong measures to prevent such incidents in the future, reinforcing their stance that safety and decorum are top priorities on their ships.

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Brawl Breaks Out on Cruise

A chaotic brawl broke out on a Carnival cruise ship during a late-night buffet, turning what was an idyllic journey into a scene of mayhem. The incident occurred on the Carnival Paradise during its final leg of a five-day cruise to Central America.

The trouble began around 3 a.m. when a dispute among a group of passengers escalated dramatically in one of the ship's dining areas. 

According to Nick Richardson, a passenger who witnessed and recorded the incident, the argument involved several intoxicated women from Tampa.

"This is just what happens at 3 in the morning when you got a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa," Richardson commented, as quoted by the New York Post. He captured the moment one woman threw a chair at another, sparking a melee that saw fists flying and several passengers grappling on the floor.

Richardson, traveling with his fiancée and three children, had initially entered the dining room to grab a late-night slice of pizza. Unaware of the escalating tensions, he was amidst a rapidly unfolding fight. 

Despite the chaos, Richardson tried to defuse the situation by suggesting everyone calm down and have some pizza.

Richardson shared that the people involved were just partying too hard on their last night and probably had too much to drink. He felt there was some misunderstanding among them, and they weren't concerned about who was watching; they simply continued with their behavior.

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