Hurricane Beryl, a powerful storm hitting the Caribbean, has forced major cruise lines to change their travel plans to keep everyone safe. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, two of the biggest names in cruising, have rerouted their ships away from the storm's path.

Cruise Lines Change Course to Escape Hurricane Beryl's Fury

(Photo : Alonso Reyes on Unsplash)

Cruise Lines Reroute to Ensure Safety

Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas, known as the largest cruise ship in the world, is skipping stops at two southeastern Caribbean islands. Another ship from the same line, Wonder of the Seas, canceled its visits to Roatán and Costa Maya and will now head to Nassau instead. 

As per the Independent, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson stated that their top priority is the safety of their guests, crew, and the places they visit. They are working closely with their Chief Meteorologist to watch the storm and make necessary changes to their Caribbean sailings.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Breakaway has also significantly altered its week-long journey. Instead of visiting spots in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico, the ship has chosen a safer route to avoid the hurricane and the bad weather it brings.

Hurricane Beryl has been destructive, causing deaths and damage in several Caribbean locations. It has demolished homes and left many without power, highlighting the severe impact of this early Category 4 and Category 5 storm.

As cruise lines continue to monitor the situation, passengers have taken to social media to share their experiences. Many praise the crew's efforts to find safe, sunny spots and create enjoyable activities during the unexpected sea days caused by the hurricane's disruption.

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New Cruise Ships Set to Sail

The cruise industry is set for a big expansion, with 61 new ships planning to join the global fleet by 2036. This news comes from the latest Cruise Industry News report, which shows a growing trend among luxury cruise lines to add more ships.

Crystal has recently ordered new ships from the Fincantieri shipyard, marking its first big expansion in 25 years. These new ships, expected in 2028 and 2030, will each hold 690 guests. Crystal might also add a third ship in 2032.

Viking is also expanding its fleet. The company plans to add two new ocean-going ships, which will hold 998 guests each and are set to arrive in 2029. This is part of Viking's ongoing partnership with Fincantieri.

Not to be outdone, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has plans for two more luxury ships. The Seven Seas Prestige, set to launch in 2026, and another ship coming in 2029, will each welcome 850 guests.

This rush to build new ships isn't just a few companies. Big names like The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, Four Seasons Yachts, and Windstar Cruises are also adding ships, each boosting the cruise industry's offerings.

In total, the 61 new ships will add more than 134,770 places for guests in the industry. The new ships are valued at $45.6 billion, costing each spot about $338,369, added to the report.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is leading this growth with plans for 13 new ships in the next twelve years, followed by the Royal Caribbean Group, which expects to introduce six ships by 2028.

This increase in new ships highlights the cruise industry's strong growth and ongoing changes, promising an exciting future for cruise fans around the world.

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