As Hurricane Beryl intensifies in the Caribbean, American Airlines is ramping up its flight operations from Jamaica to the United States to ensure travelers can find safety away from the storm. 

The hurricane, now a Category 5-the strongest on record this early in the season-has already claimed three lives in Grenada and continues to pose severe threats with its 150-mile-per-hour winds.

American Airlines Boosts Jamaica Flights Amid Beryl's Fury

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American Airlines Helps More Escape Beryl

In response, American Airlines has added three extra flights from Jamaica on July 2. This increase brings the total to 14 flights aiming to assist those affected by the hurricane's destructive path. 

The additional flights include departures from Montego Bay to Charlotte and Miami, and from Kingston to Miami, providing more options for those needing to leave the area urgently.

As per Travel Pulse, the National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning for Jamaica and parts of the Cayman Islands, highlighting the risk of life-threatening winds and storm surges. 

As Beryl moves closer, several Caribbean airports have shut down, making the timely response by American Airlines even more critical for those stranded.

American Airlines has also waived change fees for customers impacted by Hurricane Beryl, allowing them to reschedule their flights without extra costs. Travelers can make these adjustments online or by contacting the airline's reservation services.

As Beryl continues to make its presence felt, American Airlines' proactive measures are a beacon of hope for many looking to escape the hurricane's fury and reach safety.

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Hurricane Beryl Disrupts Caribbean Travel

As Hurricane Beryl intensifies in the Caribbean, airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, United, and Air Canada, are taking significant steps to adjust their schedules and ensure the safety of travelers. 

As per the Independent, the Category 5 hurricane, described by experts as unprecedentedly strong for this early in the season, has already wreaked havoc across several eastern Caribbean islands, leading to power outages, building damages, and tragic fatalities.

American Airlines has responded by adding flights and adjusting existing schedules to facilitate the evacuation and re-accommodation of passengers from affected areas. 

For instance, American Airlines has updated Flight AA367 from Miami to accommodate an additional 68 seats, helping more passengers move out of harm's way.

Other airlines are similarly proactive. Delta, United, and Air Canada, aligning their efforts from July 2-4, have introduced additional flights and waived change fees for passengers needing to alter their travel plans due to the hurricane. 

This coordination is crucial as the storm heads towards Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, with both areas now under hurricane warnings and watches.

Airports in the region, including those in Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica, have seen numerous cancellations and reschedules, emphasizing the severity of the situation. 

Cayman Airways and other carriers are also offering extended customer service hours and online tools for passengers to manage their itineraries during this chaotic period.

As Hurricane Beryl continues its path, the industry's united response underscores the importance of safety and preparedness in facing such natural disasters. 

Travelers are urged to stay informed and follow airline and local authority advisories closely.

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