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American Airlines

Atmosphere at Qatar Airways Atlanta Press Conference at St. Regis Atlanta Hotel on May 17, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Qatar Airways: The Best Airline In The World For The Fourth Time; Eyes 10% Stake in American Airlines

Since 2011, Qatar Airways has been awarded for the fourth time as the "Best Airline in the World". It considers acquiring 10 percent stake in American Airlines.


American Airlines

American Airlines Accused Of Misplacing Woman's Bag With Ashes Of Deceased Daughter

A mother filed a lawsuit against American Airlines for losing her baggage filled with the cremated ashes of her daughter.


American Airlines Main Cabin Extra - A Little Extra

Why American Airlines Is Reducing Space In Seats, Bathrooms In Boeing 737 Jets

American Airlines plans to reduce leg room on its new planes. From 31 inches, three rows would now only have 29 inches of leg room while the rest have 30 inches.


Airline Stocks Rebound After Foiled Terror Plot

American Airlines New Planes Might Have Less Legroom For Economy Class, Wants To Fit More Seats

American Airlines is planning to cut the distance between two seats by 2 inches of its economy class, bringing it down to a distance of 29 inches, so that the airline can fit 10 more seats in their new planes.


A Smartphone In Hand

Smartphone Video Camera And Social Media Empower Travelers Against Corporate Screw Ups

The traveling public is learning that a smartphone's video camera and social media can always be relied on when corporate companies become abusive.


American Airlines carrier on New York Aerial Views

American Airlines Crying Woman Now Working With Lawyer Representing United Airlines Passenger

The crying woman from the American Airlines incident has reached out to the same lawyer representing the United Airlines passenger.


The Cello

Musician Kicked Off An American Airline Due To ‘Risk’ Posed By His Cello

A professional musician found himself removed from an airline after the flight crew deemed his cello a flight risk.


American Airlines Brings Back Free Meals

American Airlines Is Bringing Back Free Meals On Economy Class

Only two domestic routes will feature this new service by the airline.


Delta Airlines

Trump To Meet CEOs Of Three Major Airlines

President Trump is set to meet with the CEO's of 3 major US airlines to listen to their concerns about unfair competiton from the Gulf carriers.


Flight Attendant Kicks Crying Woman Off Plane (VIDEO)

American Family Kicked Off American Airline Flight Due To Nut Allergy

A family traveling on Christmas was deplaned two minutes after boarding because of nut allergy.


American Airlines Rejects Family  Due to Childrens Severe Nut Allergies

American Airlines Rejects Family Traveling With Children With Severe Nut Allergies

A family was kicked out by American Airlines because their children was suffering from severe nut allergies.


American Airlines Implements Service Fee

Airline Review: American Airlines Basic Economy Fares Intriguingly Kills Full Service

American Airlines basic economy fare entails gets an in-depth review. Learn here what's to know about it before buying their cheap tickets.


Travel Images

Travel Cheaply With American Airlines Today!

American airlines said that these new fare launched by American Airlines will help American to compete more efficiently with the increasing number of ultra low-cost carriers.


Travel Waivers Announced As Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Causes Airlines To React

The recent shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood airport causes major airlines to react with travel waivers and other operations updates.


Cuba Poised For New Realities As Diplomatic Ties With U.S. Are Restored

Flight Attendants Complain Over Itchy New Uniforms, Which Airline Is This?

Company uniforms represent branding of the products and services of the organization. It shoudl bring comfort, ease and safety to whoever will wear it. Not in the case of one air carrier whose employees are complaining because the itchy uniforms issued to them.


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