American Airlines is improving its frequent flyer program with new ways for passengers to earn miles, particularly by focusing on ways to upgrade services. 

American Airlines Introduces More Ways to Earn Miles for Upgrades

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Earn Miles with American Airlines Upgrades

Unveiled just in time to be part of the official new loyalty program roll-out, American Airlines presented additional ways to enhance flexibility and extra rewards for customer loyalty within the carrier's loyalty scheme.

In addition to earning miles through seat upgrades, Simple Flying says that American Airlines innovated new ways to redeem these miles. 

Among these, frequent flyers can spend miles on exclusive events via AAdvantage Events, in collaboration with platforms such as Ticketmaster, so they earn one mile and one loyalty point for every dollar spent on event tickets.

Furthermore, American Airlines will soon allow its most loyal flyers-the ones who have AAdvantage Platinum Pro status-to redeem miles for fine dining at the airline's Flagship First Dining locations. 

These are available in several major airports, such as Los Angeles International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

It's also improving its mobile app to offer members more options when it comes to controlling their travel with free standby on earlier flights and easier ways to cancel non-refundable tickets. 

As American Airlines continues to get better, these updates are major enhancements toward rewarding frequent flyers and enhancing their overall travel experience.

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Pushing for Cleaner Air Travel

In the most giant step toward green flying, American Airlines has now agreed to buy 100 hydrogen-electric engines from ZeroAvia. The next-generation engines are developed to run regional jets that, during flight, do not emit any pollutants but only water vapor.

This comes on the heels of American Airlines further strengthening its financial support for ZeroAvia, a transformer in clean aviation technology. 

As per AviTrader, American Airlines had originally seeded the company in 2022 but recently took a seat at ZeroAvia's Series C funding round. 

That accord can be expected to transform air travel with hydrogen-electric engines across America's fleet, starting with specific planes like the Bombardier CRJ700 that serves various regional routes.

ZeroAvia is working on such technology and aims to bring almost down-to-zero emissions from flights. It's running test flights of a prototype engine on a 20-seat aircraft and has worked on scaling up its technology for larger ones.

American Airlines, too, will buy these new engines for its aircraft as part of its broader commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. They are consistent with its ongoing fleet-modernization efforts, bringing the youngest mainline fleet among major U.S. carriers and better fuel efficiency.

Besides investing in cleaner engine technologies, American Airlines has also engaged in projects to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes partnerships with companies like Infinium and Graphyte to develop and utilize sustainable aviation fuels and innovative carbon removal processes.

Val Miftakhov, CEO of ZeroAvia, praised American Airlines for supporting innovative clean propulsion technologies, signaling a significant step towards a cleaner future in aviation.

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