The pilots union at American Airlines has reported a big increase in safety problems. This includes not doing as many regular checks on planes and doing shorter test flights after major repairs. 

The union also noticed tools and other items left in parts of planes where they shouldn't be. These issues were brought up to the airline's senior managers, who seemed responsive to the union's concerns. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Airlines insists it has a world-class system for keeping flights safe.

American Airlines Faces Surge in Safety Concerns, Union Reports
An American Airlines plane
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American Airlines Faces Safety Concerns, Union Says

Recently, the Allied Pilots Association, which represents the pilots, said they've been seeing more safety and maintenance issues than usual. They claim that the airline has stretched the time between routine plane inspections, as reported by AP News.

Furthermore, American Airlines has stopped doing overnight maintenance checks unless a plane needs special attention or is scheduled for regular maintenance. Now, the airline also does shorter test flights when a plane is fixed and ready to fly again after being stored for a long time.

The union has asked its members to report any problems they see with safety or maintenance. They believe that preventing even one small error can stop a big accident from happening. 

American Airlines responded to the concerns by stating it has a strong safety management system and regularly talks with regulators and unions to make sure their safety practices are good enough.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which checks airline safety, didn't give a specific comment about the union's claims. However, they mentioned that airlines must find ways to fix possible dangers before becoming serious problems. The union remains committed to making sure that American Airlines keeps its safety practices strong and effective.

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American Airlines Accuses Flight Attendants of Manipulating Delays for Profit

American Airlines has raised concerns that some of its flight attendants are intentionally causing delays to earn extra pay, which the airline is calling theft. The issue was highlighted as American Airlines reviews instances where flight attendants pick trips that clash with existing schedules, aiming to exploit pay protection rules.

Flight attendants have a complex bidding system for their schedules, which allows them to add trips last-minute. 

However, this system requires that they maintain a minimum rest period between flights, typically 10 hours. 

According to The Street, the airline is investigating whether these last-minute additions are made with the knowledge that they will cause scheduling conflicts, resulting in guaranteed pay without the intent to fly the trips.

American Airlines examines each case to determine if the actions were deliberate and warns that disciplinary actions may follow if they find wrongful intent. This situation unfolds amid tense negotiations over work conditions, with flight attendants previously raising issues about insufficient rest and retaliation for complaints.

The company has notified the flight attendants through their union that such manipulations are considered theft, and they may face the consequences, including loss of pay and further investigation.

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