On the Fourth of July, a neon green leak caught the attention of travelers at Miami International Airport. Early in the morning, a cellphone video captured green fluid pouring from Concourse G's ceiling, prompting passengers' surprise and concern.

Miami International Airport Faces Leak, Plans Major Upgrades

(Photo : CBS Miami/YouTube)

Miami International Airport Quickly Fixes Green Leak

Miami International Airport had officials respond right away, who stated that the green substance was really water from a busted pipe that was part of an air conditioning unit. 

According to News Miami, the water was dyed green to make it easier to spot leaks. The mess was cleaned up by noon, with the airport thanking passengers for their patience.

Even so, travelers' comments on the Miami International Airport were still on the higher side of positive. One Chris Chengwing commented on how easy it was to get around the airport; Don Erskine said it was busy compared to other places he's been to.

The leak at Miami International Airport reflects larger problems that have developed over the years. 

In January, local authorities unveiled a major renovation plan for the airport, and they recognized the need to repair and upgrade Miami's key international gateway, which had suffered decades of neglect.

The ambitious improvement plan breaks the $1.6 billion mark. It includes a new parking facility, adding 2,200 spaces, solar panels on the new roof, improved elevators and escalators, and renovated restrooms. 

The improvements will get Miami International Airport ready for what is tabulated to be an increased volume of travelers, reaching 74 million by 2040. Improvements will mean an improved journey for all travelers through this vital hub.

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Miami Airport Adds Sleeping Centers

Travelers at Miami International Airport can look forward to catching some comfortable sleep without having to leave the premises. By the end of the year, two new sleep centers will open, offering 70 beds. 

These centers, operated by Hotelzo LLC, will feature both private and double rooms equipped with twin beds, allowing passengers to rest alone or with family, the Miami Herald reported. 

Duilio Sanguineti, CEO of Hotelzo, said they just signed a contract with Miami-Dade County to build these facilities. It wasn't the first time Hotelzo configured sleep spaces within an airport. 

It configured 18 rooms at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota and created a budget brand called Sleep Oasis, offering more compact sleeping accommodations.

Centers within the airport's north and south terminals will offer private bathrooms, showers, TVs with streaming, desks, WiFi, and more. The private room costs around $36 per hour, and a double room costs $60 per hour. 

The facilities will be open year-round, 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

This program will offer a new level of comfort to the Miami International Airport passengers and bring about additional employment to the locals. As per the report, at least 25 South Florida residents with great hospitality skills are being looked at to be employed to run these centers.

It will be a very lucrative proposition for the county, as Hotelzo has promised to pay Miami-Dade the aviation authorities at least $5 million for five years or 25% of yearly revenues, whichever is more. If the county wishes, it can enter an agreement for another five years at the end of the initial tenure.

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