October 4, 2023 11:20 PM

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More Americans Want To Go Camping, Reports Say

Leisure camping has been found to be more popular than before among teen campers and even parents in the U.S. The 2017 North American Camping Report by the Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) shows that 48 percent of North Americans would plan to camp, even more, this year and about 50 percent of campers are taking their children along.


US Hoteliers: US Hoteliers: Even Smokers Don't Like Smoking Rooms

More and more hotels across the US want to eradicate smoking in their establishments to help tourists stay healthy while traveling. Moreover, the initiative aims to have hotel guests no longer get choked and be exposed to the carcinogenic components of cigarettes and tobacco.


Drive-In Theater Gets A Comeback In Nashville After 60 Years

Drive-ins were considered a hit during the 50's and 60's until modern television, and live streaming pushed the popularity away. Now, Nashville, Tennessee will be bringing the iconic entertainment night drives back to their city as an indoor drive-in movie theater to be called as the August Moon Drive-In.


Project: Time Off, Americans To Participate On National Plan For Vacation Day

Many Americans dream of having to travel and relax all day but only a few get to realize that dream. That's why the people behind Project: Time Off, marked January 31 as National Plan for Vacation Day and encourages everyone to take advantage of their office leaves.


US Announces 24 New National Historic Landmarks

National Park Service, through the National Historic Landmarks Program, recognizes 24 historic properties of exceptional value to the nation and promotes the preservation efforts of federal, state, and local agencies and Native American tribes, as well as those of private organizations and individuals.


Zika Travel Advisory in Florida to be Lifted by CDC; Miami-Dade Protesters Disagree with Preventive Measures

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Thursday that there is a possibility for them to lift its Zika virus travel advisory in Wynwood by Monday.


Children Hurt Cannon Explosion: Three Utah Children Hospitalized After Orem Summerfest Parade Cannon Explodes

Children hurt cannon explosion occurred as a supposed Civil War re-enactment on Saturday turned into almost the real thing. The 10-year-old children hurt cannon explosion were reportedly rushed to the hospital as some were also engulfed in flames after the cannon malfunctioned at the Orem Summerfest parade.


Lake Whitney House Fire: $700,000 Texas Cliff Mansion Set On Fire By Owners

Lake Whitney house fire oddly took place as Texas homeowners set their own $700,000 mansion on fire. The owners who set the Lake Whitney house fire and reportedly decided it themselves as their house was teetering and crumbling over the edge of a Lake Whitney cliff for weeks.


Montana Texting While Driving: Montana Remaining State To Ban Texting On The Road

Montana texting while driving is now making headlines as the state is the only one in the U.S. allowing the act of texting while driving. Even as a new law took effect in South Carolina during the week banning the act, Montana texting while driving is still legal.


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