Drive-ins were considered a hit during the 50's and 60's until modern television, and live streaming pushed the popularity away. Now, Nashville, Tennessee will be bringing the iconic entertainment night drives back to their city as an indoor drive-in movie theater to be called as the August Moon Drive-In.

August Moon is set to open next year with 50 classic cars and 1,000 parking spaces that will have guests relax and experience IMAX digital screening. Moreover, the indoor space will have trees, hammock, and fireflies as well.

The theater will showcase both new and old films while serving classic American bites like burgers, fries, and milkshakes among the many menus planned for August Moon. There will be many upscale dine-in exhibitors and interactive theater events like Sleep No More, according to Variety.

The person behind Nashville's project is Michael Counts, who created many interactive games like the New York escape room Paradiso: Chapter 1 and The Walking Dead Experience. "Essentially we're building a soundstage. We're building a set as if you're going to shoot an outdoor scene in a movie, on an indoor stage," Counts told Variety.

Nashville is often known for its classic American atmosphere, which was the reason why Counts chose it. Other than a movie-going experience, the drive-in theater would bring live performances as well, bringing the total time of experiencing the August Moon of about 3 three hours that includes, exploration, enjoyment of food and drinks until the movie starts.

Around 350 guests are expected to be accommodated everyday especially when the drive-in will screen 18 films per week. Entrance fee to the theater varies according to seats with costs ranging from $8 to $20. Memberships are open who opts to have a more delightful experience in the theater with benefits like free entries, special concession choices, seat upgrades and movie choice voting.

If Nashville's drive-in theater has proven itself to be successful after its opening in mid-2018, the developers would further roll out similar projects to different states across the country.