When you're thinking of raising a family, it's very important to consider the place you want to settle on. Is it child-friendly? Are the schools top notch? The community you want your children to grow up in is a crucial part of their growth. You don't want to raise a family in a crime-ridden neighborhood full of derelicts and bad influences, don't you?

In the US itself, there are plenty of choices where you should settle down and spend your family years. We've gathered some of the best states for your family to grow, so if ever you're thinking of settling down, these cities are the best choices:

Carmel, Indiana. If you want to settle in a bustling but safe city, then Carmel, Indiana is the place for you. The safety level of this city is remarkable-last 2012 it was hailed by CNN Money Magazine as the best place to live in the United States. Everything that you need and want is right here, no more and no less.

St. George, Utah. If you and your life partner are both outdoor enthusiasts, and want your children to grow up to be the same, then St. George is a nice choice. The city itself is beautiful, surrounded by national parks and plenty of wildlife. Its school district is also superb, with an excellent education system residents are really rooting for. The unemployment rate in this city is less than 4%, so you won't have to worry about getting a stable job.

Franklin, Massachusetts. Franklin may be a small community, but all its residents are proud and contented. The population of this town doesn't exceed 100,000, meaning if you're rooting for a peaceful, simple life then this is the place to be. Residents are also proud of their education system, as 95% of graduates from Franklin High School always get into college, and the majority of them are always accepted at Ivy League Schools! Now that's really something to consider.

Rockville, Maryland. Rockville is made up of a diverse community, and this factor is one of the reasons Rockville is a successful city with an amazing business environment, excellent quality healthcare, and really friendly people. You'll get along with almost anyone in Rockville, and it also boasts as one of the cities with the lowest family poverty rates. Really, if you live here you won't find any reason to move.