Travelers with families could find camping the best way to save money while experiencing the best of nature up close. But modern camping has introduced the concept of using RVs and urban tent stays, which make travel affordable yet family friendly at the same time. In America and Europe are these five natural and modern camping sites considered the best.

Spain is an amazing summer destination for its beaches, but staying in hotels could prove truly expensive. But in La Torre Del Sol, trailer-style houses serve as campsites while travelers can walk out into the beach that is rarely overpopulated, making it a family-friendly destination without all the fuss.

In Crotia's Pag region is the Camping Village of Simuni. Another beach destination, travelers are allowed to pitch their tents in designated areas. Family friendly are the nearby food restaurants that serve varieties of pizza, drinks and souvenirs. If not the beach, travelers and their children may enjoy wall climbing or even tennis courts.

New Yorkers do not need to leave the state immediately to find a good camping site. Available in Herkimer Diamond KOA are log cabins along with secured tent-pitching areas for families who wish to brave the actual wild. Herkimer Diamond KOA is more children oriented; according to Travel Channel, travelers' children would love to stay in the space-age cabin named "Sky Catcher" and visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which is only a mile away.

When in Italy, it would be best to skip Tuscany or even the Vatican City for the Adriatic Coast of Italy by staying in Marina di Venezia. About forty minutes away from Venice, the beachside town offers tent-pitching sites or trailers for camping stays, which is a lot more affordable and truly fun for traveling families. Nearby are concessionaires of amazing Italian food and water activities.

A great change of scene is a farm stay. In Interlaken, Switzerland is the Manor Farm where traveling families can see the beautiful Alps shedding snow. According to The Telegraph, the farm does not have any animals grazing around the tent sites but more animals could be seen in a day trip on the mountain railway network of Jungfraujoch.