Some people who like quiet avoid traveling because the security of a room shields them from outside noise. Luckily, travelers with friends like these could pull them out of their comforts and into the world's quiet embrace in these five relatively silent vacation spots.

According to Quiet Revolution, the need to go too far is not necessary -- in Oregon Coast is a quiet, abandoned and quiet beach. The sand might not be white and stony, and it is "not the seashore of umbrella drinks and limbo contests," as Quiet Revolution describes, but it suits people who like quiet. Only travel during the off-peak season; families are known to invade the locale during the height of summer.

If feeling a little hike is in order and travelers do not mind the sound of local neighbors screeching and scratching about, there is always Washington's Hoh Valley. The Hoh Valley has about the largest acre of forestry in the United States, which is close to a million. According to The Active Times, an area called "One Square Inch of Silence" is exactly what it is -- the quietest area of the United States. It is even backed by research.

Minnesota's Anechoic Chamber had made headlines in the last half-decade for being the world's quietest place on Earth. While travelers would not be camping or braving the outdoors here, the manmade destination is amazing enough because reading with 99.9 percent silence is amazing. That is until one hears their lungs or their heartbeat growing stronger by the minute.

Back to nature, tropical temperatures in Mexico bring about Western tourists who need some sun. But Mexico's underwater caves in Takbeha Cenote only has travelers hear the crashing water and possibly equals the Anechoic Chamber because hearbeats and their own movements are the only things one can hear in the caves.

Journeying towards the beautiful Alps of Switzerland is a small town named Pontresina. When the summer breeze enters the Bernina Range, the skiers go away and the quiet comes. Travelers can just sit back and have coffee while looking outwards the beautiful peaks of the Alps and maybe take out their book for some light reading.