Sydney's public beaches are numerous, but there are a handful that are only accessible to those who know it, to ferries that come and go within fixed hours and to those longing for a peaceful, quiet and relaxing beach vacation. Anyone who needs the proper way to R&R minus the struggle of finding a lounging spot needs to head to these five especially during their off-peak season.

Sydney Harbor is a place rich in white sand beaches all over. Travelers need only to find Shelly Beach for a quiet day of beachside picnics, great conversation and the occasional inebriation. Those looking for further stimulation only need to look for snorkeling lessons available in the area. To reach Shelly Beach, one might need to walk a bit far, or take a short boat ride from the coast of Manly.

Another secret of Sydney Harbor is Lady Martins Beach. Near residential properties in the area and enjoyed by the locals fortunate enough to be near the narrow yet cozy beach, the quiet and "at home" atmosphere makes time pass slowly. Bring food; there is but only quite a few amenities and concessionaires in the area.

According to TimeOut, Little Bay Beach does not seem as quiet as it is being developed and is gaining fame among most Australian locals, but it is for the benefit of travelers. The beach is still clean and still has the beautiful craggy cliff that makes it memorable. More travelers mean the supermarket in the area is gaining business and can provide travelers with some basic needs.

If not in Sydney Harbor, then Jibbon Beach in Royal National Park is a great choice for quiet beachside trips and conversations. According to, water activities are great counterpoints for those wanting to read books or even do some work along the quiet beaches as the waves crash along the shore.

Travelers who love quiet but would love to have some company in the beaches could head to Nielsen Park's Shark Beach's isolated swimming area. The only possible downside is the lack of waves, but there are concessionaires with complete meal sets for the hungry traveler.