Australia's vast grasslands and wildlife, with a fusion of modern cities all over the country, is one of the world's most visited destination. This country has it all from the diversity of cultures, climates, cuisine and landscape where trekkers or simply visitors of the land want to explore. Truly, this place offers only the best all around to every visitor of the country. Here are some of the best places to visit down under.

Darwin. Just around the coastline of the northern part of Australia, Darwin has always been the most international of Australia's major cities. Because this is situated near the Indian Ocean, it has become the country's transportation hub for many years already. Darwin is known for its balmy weather and good food as well as the tropical parklands that surround the city. It is also Australia's only tropical city and when it comes to wildlife, Darwin is the one place for sure you cannot miss.

Hobart. According to Touropia, this city is the second oldest city after Syndey and is the capital city of the Australian island of Tasmania. Unlike Sydney and Darwin, Hobart is small. This place is home to fine Georgian and Victorian architecture--one example is the Salamanca Palace. 

Brisbane. this city has a population of around two million people making it Australia's third largest city. When it comes to business sectors, Bisbane is the place to be for domestic and international world class owners and investors making it one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Weather wise, Brisbane is a warm city and beautiful landscapes to back it up. 

From cities to well known destinations in Australia. One of the best places to visit is the Great Barrier Reef. This is the world's largest coral reef and contains thousands and thousand of marine life both fish and corals. This remarkable gift of nature has also one of the best beaches to soak in and walk through making it a destination to remember. What to do on the Great Barrier Reef? Well there's a lot to do from scuba diving, helicopter tours, glass bottomed boat viewing and a lot more. Also watch out for some dolphins in the area while island hopping.

Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is a multi venue arts center located in the heart of Sydney just on the edge of the coastline of the harbour. This Australian Landmark is famous for its design and architecture showing sail boat like roof tops facing the sun. The building comprises of different venues from cabaret, to singing, to entertainment you name it its all in there making it the most popular attracton in Australia.