Shell hunting has been around since the Middle Ages. Warriors would stumble upon shorelines and find amazing abandoned mobile crustacean homes of beauty and rarity during the idle moments of battle. Collectors have always raided beaches for single versions of shells and if travelers have their own collection, the world offers five beaches perfect for shell hunting.

American travelers might find it unnecessary to leave their own isle if they only need to fly or drive to Texas. According to CNN, Galveston Bay's beautiful sunsets, amazing amenities and semi-crowded beaches are home to America's rarest shells. Travelers might find rivaling collectors in the area; beware other shell hunters.

Shell Beach does exist -- referring to the persistent question of the cult classic sci-fi movie "Dark City" --and Western Australia's real-world version makes piles of shells look like pasta. According to MSN, Shell Beach was home to billions of shored-up crustaceans, explaining the existence of a beach covered by meters of shells everywhere.

If the cooler and soothing quiet beaches of Europe suit your tastes better, the welcoming crackling waves of Agios Dimitrios of Greece has some rare species of shells American shores would consider a rarity. One can think that shell hunting is like a game of "Pokemon;" rare shells exist elsewhere. MSN writes that the sandy beaches of Agios Dimitrios have the breeds Clanculus Corallinus and Ocinebrina Edwardsi of shells.

Back in America, New York's Great Peconic Bay in Long Island has some splendid, short-distance travel beaches for tropical bums looking for a quick sandy break. For shell hunters, a history of the Great Peconic Bay being a source of seafood ingredients -- namely crustaceans -- makes this a prime destination.

In Portugal is the true beautiful beach life -- except it still has temperate beaches especially at night. The beaches of Faro get crowded during the day time, so expect fellow shell hunters to hunt more shells during the day. At night is the best opportunity to go hunting.