Well-known for the world's most civilized and intelligent culture, Greece's historical background is rich. Its natural beauty in the form of beaches and archipelagos developed for amazing quiet retreats or the rowdy feeling of freedom from everyday routines truly makes Greece's travel economy a consistent force in the country. These five islands showcase the country's best islands to spend an entire vacation in.

According to CNN Travel, Mykonos "is Greece's answer to Ibiza," a Spanish island well-known for all-night parties and an exciting night scene. CNN says July and August has the island encounter huge tourist and party traffic that "alleys are so jammed with bodies" it could be hard to move around. Definitely a party to remember.

Crete's nightlife is all about dance clubs and town bars. The streets get crowded but while struggling to move, party celebrants could always look at the sea with the amazing colors and view of the mountain village in Crete. The Telegraph lists the best bars in the area if travelers have no idea where to party and even stay.

Zante Island or Zakynthos has over a hundred different types of ways to spend the night. May it be family-oriented restaurants that offer huge servings and the mood of home or speakeasies or huge dance floors for backpackers and solo travelers wishing for some urban refreshment before their next-day adventures in the island, Zakynthos welcomes all travelers for merriment. 

While limited compared to Zante or Mykonos, Corfu's nightlife focuses more on intimacy and a bit of quiet. Lucciola Garden features amazing live bands playing across different genres. For actual nightlife with dancing, DiZi bar is a bit small but the crowd can get wild as most youth living in Corfu love the night as much as travelers might.

The nightlife in Cyprus is unique as it is intimate yet populated. One example is Timothy's Art Bar, which features amazing art with jazz music -- a type of speakeasy that has a specific niche. Sto Perama in Limassol is frequented by Greece's famous rock acts. Need some quiet? Acoustic performances in Kala Kathoumena could soothe an aching soul tired from the entire day's fulfilling journey.