As one of the most interesting places in Europe, Gibraltar is pretty much a land of contrasting (if not relatively belligerent) cultures. Great Britain and Spain has been competing in this southwestern edge of the Mediterranean. Although politics is a poor meeting point for reconciling differences, inhabitants in this land can at least agree on the general principle of having fun.

This recreation often involves alcohol, delicious food, and other vices that keep people occupied before hitting the sack. It is the same exact principle they can impart on their visitors. These are the following suggested top 5 nightlife locations worth mentioning:

Gatsby's Eating House

Starting the nightlife in Gibraltar on an empty stomach is a bad idea. After all, it is not healthy to get into casual drinking famished. Should one choose a good bistro, one of the top 5 nightlife locations in this territory is Gatsby's Eating House. This restaurant has been operating since 1988, introducing visitors to a fine selection of English, French, Indian, and Spanish cuisines. Curiously, the price range has never changed since 'almost' 30 years ago.


Another alternative place to eat at dinner time is the Sacarello's. Although well-known for producing the finest European fares, people who visit Gibraltar may find another reason to be here. Sacarello's is a popular lounge for those who love art exhibits and literature workshops. There are even plays and local book launching hosted in this establishment.

Gala Casino

A huge percentage of night-time revelers are also casual gamblers. A rewarding nightlife in Gibraltar for these people means squandering a few currency bills on games. Gala Casino has over 300 slot machines, a bingo club, a poker lounge and four bars that keep the wicked cash flowing inside its nightclub complex.

The Three Owls

If Gala Casino is too loud and flashy for anyone's taste, a friendlier and more wholesome alternative is the Three Owls. This pub is a three-floor establishment that primarily features the game of pool. There are over 500 members in the Three Owls Club as of 2015.

Ocean Village Marina

People visiting Gibraltar should never miss strolling around the Ocean Village Marina at night. This harbor has a breathtaking nocturnal view of the coast. This leisure quay has over 330 berths to accommodate 90-100 feet vessel sizes.