Popular Hollywood celebrities and entertainment icons do share a penchant for traveling just like ordinary people. Either they stay temporarily or buy an estate or two in these locations. These top 5 countries are often remembered as being famous celebrity spots (if not overseas residences).  


As a distant state that comprised the one of the 50 United States, Hawaii is a famous location for many icons of mass media. In fact, some of the most powerful public icons in America have bought a temporary residence here. These include Oprah Winfrey and the entire Obama household.  


Italy is one of the few countries teeming with Hollywood residents. Among the high-profile actors that graced the popular site of Lake Como include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Matt Damon. Veteran actress Helen Mirren and the singer Sting bought estates in Tuscany.


Speaking of celebrities in the Mediterranean, the Greek Island of Mykonos has an uncanny ability to attract global VIP's. The star behind the first "300" franchise, Gerard Butler, once extended his vacation in Mykonos. Russell Crowe also once promised to return after his fulfilling 2013 sojourn. Other superstar visitors include Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.


There is one place in this remote Pacific country that attracted world-famous tourists - the honeymoon haven of Bora Bora. Apart from being the main setting of the comedy romance film "Couples Retreat," this island has been visited by a roster of gorgeous actresses like Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Eva Longoria. Bora Bora is cherished for its remoteness, offering the kind of privacy celebrities sorely needed to avoid the pestering paparazzi.


There are seven beaches in Mexico where international celebrities often choose for their vacation. These coastal holiday sites include Cabo, which attracted stars like Jennifer Aniston and Avril Lavigne, or Zihuatanejo, where pop diva Demi Lovato frequents to withdraw from the public eye.