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World’s First Chocolate Cruise Coming in 2020

“All about chocolate!” The world’s largest international chocolate event held annually in Perugia, Italy called EuroChocolate Festival will sail aboard Costa Pacifica for an eight-day cruise dedicated wholly about chocolate in 2020.


Ski Resorts in Europe

Europe's Best Affordable Ski Resorts for this Winter

Look for the best ski resorts for your holiday.


The Ultimate Italy Night Life Guide: Best Places To Visit, Best Things To Do

Exploring any city at night can be fun, and Italy’s vibrant nightlife has tons to offer its tourists. Any preference will surely be appeased by its amazing disco tours, rock concerts, wine bars, and cafes.


The Best Hidden Beaches Of Italy You Must Visit

Those who are craving an adventure in Italy would surely enjoy its unspoiled hidden beaches. With nothing much to prepare aside from a drive for adventure and fun, these picturesque and tourist-free gems are definitely worth visiting.


LOOK: The Most Stunning Cliff-Side Villages On Earth

Feast your eyes on these picturesque towns nestled on the edge of a cliff. With views ranging from vibrant-colored houses to deep blue waters, these places will undoubtedly charm their way into your heart.


Watch Out For These Bizarre Laws Around The World That Will Get You In Trouble

Some places have unusual mandated laws. This is why tourists must acquaint themselves with it before immersing themselves in whatever the place has to offer.


Five Of The Best Cheap Eats in Rome

Food hopping in Rome can be quite painful for one’s pockets. But there are a number of excellent food stores in the city that serve equally tasty meals without you spending too much of your budget.


Five Of The Best Bathhouses In The World

If you think that bathhouses only belong in the past, well, you're wrong. Public bathhouses are still well-loved all of these years, and people really treat them differently than your average public swimming pool. Bathhouses are there in various countries for people to have fun and relieve them of their pain and blood circulation problems.


Five Of The Most Popular Pizzerias In Italy

Italy will never be the same country as it is without the world-famous Italian pizza. With different flavors and varieties, here are some of the most popular pizzerias in Italy that you must try.


Free Musuem Entry In Italy For All Women During International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Day, all women in spite of her nationality will get to enjoy free entrance to Italy's museums and cultural destinations. There are over 100 museums around the country that will hold talks and showcase women's art throughout history.


Five Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About The Colosseum

Colossuem is one of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere else in the world. And if you think you already know the history of Colossuem, here are some the things that you probably do not know.


How You Can Leave Your Mark On The Florence Cathedral Without Vandalizing It

Italy has been vigilant in protecting its historical sites from rowdy tourists who continually try to break in and vandalize the ancient location. But, now, the country welcomes travelers to vandal the Florence cathedral without defacing the building itself.


Five Museums To Visit In Florence

Florence is popular in the world when it comes to the most historic museums and art galleries of the Renaissance era. And here are some of the most notable museums in Florence, Italy that you must include in your must-see places.


5 Best Places in Rome, Italy for Cheese Lovers

The Italian cuisine will never be the “the Italian cuisine” without the world-famous Italian cheeses. We give you a list of some of the best places for Italian cheese as your guide in your travel to Rome, Italy.


Italy’s Vagli di Sotto To Build A Statue Of Trump

Italy's Vagli di Sotto in the Tuscan hills is willing to spend $85,000 on crafting a statue of Donald Trump to bring in more tourists to the mountains. The marbled-Trump figure will be erected in the Park of Honor and Dishonor together with other famous marbled personalities.


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