Portrait Milano, a luxury hotel, has quickly become popular in Milan, Italy, since its opening in December 2022. Owned by the Ferragamo family, this 73-room hotel is part of the Lungarno Collection. It is now known for making a lot of money per room, only behind one other luxury hotel in Milan.

Portrait Milano Sets New Standards in Milan's Luxury Hotel Scene
Portrait Milano
(Photo : from the official website of Portrait Milano)

Portrait Milano Becomes a Hit in Milan's Fashion District

Valeriano Antonioli, the CEO of the Lungarno Collection, explained that Portrait Milano stands out because it embraces "inclusive exclusivity." This means they keep their public spaces open to everyone, unlike other places in big cities. The hotel has become a central part of Milan's fashion district.

The hotel is located in a historical building that used to be the oldest seminary in Europe. 

As per the Skift, the property includes a large public square called Piazza del Quadrilatero. The Ferragamo family won the right to develop the property not because they paid the most money, but because they had a good reputation and a community-friendly proposal.

Portrait Milano is also making waves with its food and beverage services. Its restaurants and bars generated over €10 million in their first year. The hotel's pasta bianco dish has become especially famous, drawing in many locals alongside hotel guests.

The success of the hotel's dining options relies heavily on picking the right staff. Antonioli focused on team players rather than just big-name chefs, which helped in setting a collaborative environment.

In addition to good food and a unique location, Portrait Milano also attracted attention with several high-profile events, including fashion shows and exhibitions. These events have helped cement its status as a top destination in Milan's luxury hotel scene.

Looking ahead, the Lungarno Collection plans to expand the Portrait Hotels brand to other Italian cities like Venice, Naples, and Palermo.

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Portrait Milano Opens New Longevity Spa for Urban Wellness

Portrait Milano has recently unveiled its latest addition, The Longevity Suite's spa, the first of its kind in the world. This new facility is a major advancement in urban wellness, using methods of biohacking and anti-aging treatments rooted in longevity practices. It offers a variety of treatments including cold exposure, detoxification, and enhancing beauty awareness.

Located in Milan, Italy, the spa is inspired by the "Blue Zones"-areas known for their long-living populations.

Wallpaper shared that it aims to provide quick relief from the stresses of daily life through advanced biohacking techniques. These methods are designed to help redefine aging and improve overall well-being.

The spa features a comprehensive wet area that includes a pool, steam room, sauna, gym, and several treatment rooms. One of the unique offerings at the spa is the "Jet Lag Blessing Ritual." This treatment is intended to help guests adjust after traveling.

It uses cold therapy, sensory deprivation, LED therapy, binaural sounds, and aromatherapy combined with acupressure. This helps stimulate melatonin production and reset the body's clock.

With its innovative approach and luxurious amenities, Portrait Milano's Longevity Spa is set to become a top destination for those seeking to integrate wellness into their urban lifestyle.

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