When booking a hotel, you might picture a hassle-free zone where relaxation is guaranteed. However, from fiddly showers to insufficient curtain coverage, there are often more than a few bumps along the road to that perfect stay. That's where knowing a few hotel hacks can really pay off.

Hotel Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know Before Checking In
You can simplify your stay with these clever hotel hacks
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Across the internet, travelers like you are sharing their top tips to make hotel stays smoother. So, before you next check-in, why not arm yourself with some insider knowledge that turns you into a savvy traveler? Here are some hotel hacks that can be useful when booking a room to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

Maximize Your Space with an Ironing Board

You've probably never thought of an ironing board as more than just a spot to press your clothes, but it's a tool with untapped potential.

In most hotel rooms, space can be at a premium. Use the ironing board as a makeshift table or extra counter space. It's especially handy in the bathroom, where surfaces for your toiletries are often scarce.

Samantha Brown, a seasoned travel guru, even recommends using it as a stand-up desk. Transforming this common tool can enhance your room's functionality dramatically.

   @samanthabrowntravels People still need to iron on it. So be considerate. Put a towel down if theres a chance for spillls or stains. Hotels when I travel internationally rarely have them. An im always bummed. #travel #travelhacks #hotel #hotelhacks #samanthabrown #traveltiktok ♬ original sound - Samantha Brown    


Secure and Streamline Your Room

Nobody wants to worry about security when staying at a hotel. With a couple of clever hotel hacks, you can rest easier.

For example, a simple hanger can double as a lock reinforcement if you link two together and jam them into the door handle and latch. For light sleepers, the same hanger can clamp your curtains shut, blocking out those annoying slivers of light.

Adding a washcloth tucked into the door's latch can also deter anyone trying to sneak in. These tweaks ensure you feel secure and undisturbed.

Keep Your Essentials Charged

Finding yourself with dead gadgets can be a real pain. If you forget your charging block, don't sweat it.

Most modern hotel TVs have a USB port on the back-perfect for charging your devices. However, remember to be cautious as public charging ports can be a security risk.

Consider using your own charger or a portable battery pack as safer alternatives. This hack not only keeps your devices powered but also saves you from the hassle of hunting down a spare charger.

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DIY Hygiene Solutions

Turn a regular paper cup into a DIY toothbrush holder by punching a hole in the bottom. This setup prevents your toothbrush from touching potentially germy surfaces. For a fresh take on keeping your drinking containers clean, try Samantha Brown's trick: soak a sponge in dish soap, let it dry, and cut it into pieces.

When you need to wash something, just wet a piece of sponge and scrub away. This approach keeps things sanitary without needing to carry liquid soap.

Clever Use of Everyday Items

Innovative use of everyday items can save the day when you're in a pinch. Got a shoe that's too dirty to pack? Use it as a doorstop or to keep your hotel door slightly ajar while you're fetching ice from the hall.

Another great trick is to place a dry towel at the base of your door to prevent drafts and noise from disturbing your sleep. These simple solutions use items you already have on hand, proving you don't need fancy gadgets to solve common travel issues.

Childproofing on the Go

If you're traveling with little ones, keeping them safe is your top priority. You can childproof your hotel room using items like duct tape. Cover power outlets or tape down loose cables to prevent accidents.

Another tip from Samantha Brown is to cushion sharp furniture corners with stacked layers of duct tape. It's a quick fix that can prevent a lot of tears and make your room a safer place for children to explore. With these hotel hacks, your room becomes a worry-free zone for parents and tots alike.

Optimize Your Culinary Options

Hotel meals can be expensive, but with a bit of creativity, your room's appliances can help you whip up simple dishes. A coffee maker is perfect for boiling water to make instant noodles, oatmeal, or even a hot cup of tea.

Just remember to give it a quick clean first, as it's hard to know when it was last sanitized. This hack not only saves you money but also expands your dining options, no matter the time of day or night.

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