It has been said that Colorado skies are so vast you could sell the air on eBay! But let's keep that little secret just between us. Today, I'm taking you on an extraordinary journey through five enchanting Colorado towns. 

These beautiful towns do far more than just please the eye with their stunning landscapes-they will tug at your heartstrings, kick your adrenaline into high gear, and perhaps even coax out your inner poet.


These 5 Colorado Towns Offer More Than Just Beautiful Views

(Photo : D&RG Railfan/Wikimedia Commons)

Tucked inside the San Juan Mountains, Telluride, Colorado, extends beyond the mining town to the modern holiday spot. Concisely, just as World Atlas says, there are some activities performed in the town during winter and summer, such as public skating in the winter season and hiking trails like the Jud Wiebe Trail in spring. 

A first-timer can never go wrong with one of Colorado's most recognizable waterfalls, Bridal Veil Falls, measuring 365 feet in a single drop. Daytime activities in Telluride range from biking on terrain slopes down to the town or celebrating festivals downtown.

Crested Butte

These 5 Colorado Towns Offer More Than Just Beautiful Views

(Photo : Van Life Thru a Lens/YouTube)

Being known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, Crested Butte culturally and geographically presents a perfect example of this country's beautiful place. 

They further explain that this town is recognized as a skiing capital during winter but becomes the best destination for mountain biking during the summer, as revealed by Culture Trip

Its streets have Victorian buildings that are painted in bright colors, leading to more than 750 miles of bicycle trails. Crested Butte also has lively music fests and art fairs, which attract visitors from all corners. More specifically, if one has to visit this town during the right season, the wildflowers are something to marvel at, making this town stand out from other towns.

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Manitou Springs

These 5 Colorado Towns Offer More Than Just Beautiful Views

(Photo : JOHN LLOYD/Wikimedia Commons)

Being located just 15 minutes away from Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is a doorway to past and current activities. The Travel and Leisure magazine suggests that this town provides a perfect base from which to access the wilds of nature but still be only a stone's throw from civilization. 

One can climb a beautiful mountain, Pikes Peak, or explore the old Manitou Cliff Dwellings. The central part of the town has excellent shops and small cafes like Swirl, where you can relax. This city is mostly small-town with a rustic feel, yet it is not far from the state's beautiful terrains.


These 5 Colorado Towns Offer More Than Just Beautiful Views

(Photo : Bede735/Wikimedia Commons)

Ouray, Colorado is well known as the "Switzerland of America" because of the captivating beautiful views of the mountains and recently developed beautiful structures. It is encased in the setting that makes you put your foot down and breathe the crisp mountain air. Ice climbing to sulfur-free hot springs, Ouray is a paradise for adventurers or those crazy about the outdoors. 

Most noticeably, the town boasts well-preserved Victorian architecture that will instantly transport you to a turn-of-the-century feel. If there is something that is even more enjoyable than history - it is history combined with adrenaline, and Ouray is one of the best places for that.

Steamboat Springs

These 5 Colorado Towns Offer More Than Just Beautiful Views

(Photo : katkimchee/Wikimedia Commons)

In Steamboat Springs, skiing and snowboarding are famous, but one should think there is more than just that to see in this Colorado town. Besides the ski slopes, Steamboat is famous for cowboys, fishing, and cycling. 

This town also has a natural hot spring where one can play and bathe after a great time in the mountains. At night, there are good restaurants, mostly popular among locals, such as The Barley Tap and Tavern. And for good reasons, Steamboat Springs is where Colorado's rough frontier self intersects with the laid-back vacationer self.

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