Colorado has been a favorite destination for tourists around the world due to its many alluring attractions. Dramatic landscapes, rolling hills, rivers, streams, and high deserts of Colorado plateau are just a few of these features. Not surprising, skiers, hikers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are feasting around the attractions that Colorado boasts.

After these muscle stretching activities, you may want to go somewhere to relax. Then just look around and enjoy the tranquility as you behold the scenic views. But other things this place could offer are the many hot springs to soothe stretched and tired muscles. This is the best relaxation Colorado could offer. But you should pick the best hot springs to dip.

Here are the top 9 Colorado hot springs soaking spots.

1.   Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Hot Sulphur offers many pools. Some are so hot, and some are mild. Kids are allowed in specific pools. They have designated play areas for kids. But you can also have a swimming pool if you like. There is also spa in which you can have a massage, herbal wraps, and mud.

2.   Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

This one boasts relaxation in a 104-degree mineral water. You can rent a rustic cabin or a tent and a watsu treatment. It is body massage treatment in geothermal water.

3.   The Spring Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs

Here you can dip in an adult pool (there are 5 of them) while enjoying the scenic view of the San Juan Mountains. The Spring Resort and Spa has 20 pools. You have the opportunity to visit the world's deepest geothermal spring. It also offers a spa and salon. You can stay in their luxury hotel.

4.   Ouray Hot Springs Pool & Fitness Centre

This one provides a family-oriented hot spring. There are shallow pools in which children can soak without worry. You can also enjoy a natural environment with the surrounding mountain and forests. Designated fun areas are available such as water volleyball and obstacle course.

5.   Iron Mountain Hot Springs

You can visit the historic Iron Springs Spa located in Colorado River in Glenwood Springs. This is another family-oriented resort that boasts a freshwater pool, elevated whirlpool spa, 16 smaller hot springs, and scenic hillside view.

6.   Splashland Aquatic Center. Alamosa

This one offers a picnic resort for families. Geothermal outdoor swimming pool, diving board, snack bar, and grassy area are the features of the resort.

7.   Hot Springs Aquatic Center. Salida

Before you come, reserve a private soaking pool in advance. Aside from this feature, the resort offers rooms for laps, arthritis pool therapy, a water slide, fitness classes and many other activities.

8.   Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Here you can relax after a ski on Monarch and Ski Cooper which is close to the area. It offers numerous geothermal natural springs with 30 small pools just adjacent to Chalk creek.

9.   Waunita Hot Spring Ranch, Gunnison

This a family-friendly resort that offers horseback riding, fishing, and swimming in the hot spring-fed pool; children can enjoy horseshoes, fishing, and hayrides.

Visiting these hot springs will not only make you feel relaxed and excited on your tour. You even get all the awesome health benefits of getting into the top Colorado hot springs soaking spots.