As much as Idaho potatoes rule the kitchen, Idaho's walkable towns lead the charge for foot-friendly adventures! Who knew? Idaho, famed for its rugged beauty and outdoor escapades, also serves up cozy and walkable towns where you'll want to park your car and stretch your legs for days.

From walking through historic streets to hiking trails that tease with breathtaking views, these towns are ready for your walking shoes.


5 Must-Visit Walkable Towns in Idaho Overflowing with Beauty

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Striking landscapes and an enthusiastic cultural experience accentuate Ketchum, Idaho. This town is located near the majestic Rocky Mountains. Among the main attractions is the photographable main street filled with wonderful shops and warm caffeine establishments like The Kneadery. 

It is possible to wake up in the morning and devote all the day only to visiting art galleries or walking in the fresh air on close mountain trails. History lovers will have been delighted to blast by the tomb of Ernest Hemingway, which is in Ketchum itself. This town combines recreational activities and history well, making it one of Idaho's best places to visit.


5 Must-Visit Walkable Towns in Idaho Overflowing with Beauty

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Sandpoint is famous for its Lake Pend Oreille. According to the World Atlas, it includes a downtown area where you can comfortably walk around beautiful shops and eateries. The Cedar Street Bridge Public Market is another market built on an arch like a bridge, and shopping is done overlooking the water. 

For instance, the Panida Theater provides entertainment through performances, just a few paces from Camas' Industrial Location. Close to nature and generously endowed with great culture, Sandpoint is one of the best places any visitor to Idaho would love to be.

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5 Must-Visit Walkable Towns in Idaho Overflowing with Beauty

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Boise, the state's largest city, is moderately walkable with a walk score of 38, as per Redfin. Downtown Boise also has business areas, parks including the popular Julia Davis Park, and multiple eating places. 

Some things you can do there include moving around the city on foot, going to galleries, shopping malls, coffee shops, etc. The Boise River Greenbelt seems to be one of the favorite places for residents and tourists, consisting of walking-jogging paths by the river. 

Coeur d'Alene

5 Must-Visit Walkable Towns in Idaho Overflowing with Beauty

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Coeur d'Alene, in essence, gives a good representation of the natural endowment of Idaho, particularly the lakeside and a colorful business district. This city has a thirteen-out-of-a-hundred-walk score, with most areas around the downtown area able to accommodate over 125 shops. It benefits from tree-shaded streets and has a weekly farmers' market.

Aside from these, local events like vintage car shows and street fairs bring the community together.


5 Must-Visit Walkable Towns in Idaho Overflowing with Beauty

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Lewiston has a primary commercial area, and its buildings display a form of architecture known as the Renaissance Revival, which lovers of history would appreciate. Shopping is another activity you can do in the region. You can visit local hub shops and restaurants or take a historical tour of the city. 

Lewiston also has several cultural functions that are often held to embrace the community spirit of the people.

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