Like everyone who has ever confused a trail map with a treasure map, North Carolina's mountains offer surprises beyond just their heights. These mountain towns are perfect spots to escape the daily grind and find yourself surrounded by nature and creativity. 

Each town is a playground for those who love the outdoors and enjoy quaint, lively streets filled with history and culture.

These spots allow you to take a break from what is likely a monotonous schedule for breathtaking scenery, fresh mountain air, and the presence of the natural environment. 

No matter if one is visiting the forest area or strolling through the town attractions, every town has a character of its own. However, the true appeal of North Carolina's mountain towns is the four seasons, which change the feel of the place considerably.

Blowing Rock

5 Must-See Mountain Towns in North Carolina You’ll Love

(Photo : Blowing Rock on YouTube)

Blowing Rock is a beautiful town engulfed by mountains, which provides its occupants with perhaps one of the best views of forested mountains in North Carolina, if not the whole of Appalachia. 

As reported by Travel and Leisure Asia, this town carries a legendary name after a rock, and it is also a place commonly associated with outdoor activities and art-related events. If you come to the Moses Cone Manor or just study the surrounding views, Blowing Rock is the essence of North Carolina's mountain charm.


5 Must-See Mountain Towns in North Carolina You’ll Love

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Boone combines the spirit of student life from Appalachian State University with the classic themes of mountain-related tourism activities. This alone makes it a unique tourist attraction in North Carolina, attracting historians and lovers of the outdoors. 

It has been economically popular for historic museums, hiking trails, or great scenic views of the Blue Ridge mountains, making Boone an ever-endearing town.

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5 Must-See Mountain Towns in North Carolina You’ll Love

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Asheville is another rising city in North Carolina that targets lovers of mountains and craft beer. This town hosts some of lavish structures, such as the Biltmore Estate, and cultural activities, such as art. Asheville is one place tourists and visitors cannot afford to miss in North Carolina due to its diverse culture, history, and beautiful sceneries that favor outdoor activities.


5 Must-See Mountain Towns in North Carolina You’ll Love

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According to Our Escape Clause, Brevard is preferred as North Carolina's 'Land of Waterfalls.' Being a mountain town, the area is perfect for bikers and lovers of nature since it has many trails and pretty scenery. 

It is as if the town is a home of the adventurous kind and a place for creative art lovers as one can appeal both to the waterfalls and downtown.


5 Must-See Mountain Towns in North Carolina You’ll Love

(Photo : Visit Highlands, NC on YouTube)

Highlands has been considered and referred to as a 'rich man's' town by Discover The Carolinas, whereby the town bears enchanting beautiful scenery. It is also enclosed by one of the two temperate rainforests in North America. 

It is equally embraced by people who want to escape the bustle of a fast-paced life to take a natural tinted holiday and those eyeing to spend a luxurious dime at the various restaurants and shopping centers. Here in Highlands, you can feast your eyes on the strikes of nature and enjoy indigenous traditions and customs.

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