Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to uncover the true gems of South Carolina's coast. Beyond the bustling beach fronts of Myrtle Beach and the polished charm of Charleston lies a collection of hidden beach towns that hold the heart of the Palmetto State's shoreline.

This is where you find the soul of South Carolina-small, tucked-away towns that offer serene beaches, unique local culture, and a chance to slow down far from the tourist trails. These towns prove that the best adventures lie in the spots you might just pass by without a second glance.

These are the five South Carolina beach towns you can't miss once you visit this place. 

Surfside Beach

5 Hidden South Carolina Beach Towns You Can't Miss Out On

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Surfside Beach is a treasure along the South Carolina coast that invites families to enjoy its friendly atmosphere. Known for its accessibility, the town has wheelchair-friendly beach access points, making it a welcoming spot for everyone. 

According to Southern Living, it is also recognized as an Autism-friendly vacation town, thanks to efforts from the Champion Autism Network. With 36 access points across two miles of pristine coastline, you can easily find your perfect spot on the sand. Lifeguards ensure safety, making it a stress-free zone for parents and fun-seekers.

Pawleys Island

5 Hidden South Carolina Beach Towns You Can't Miss Out On

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Pawleys Island is the epitome of serene coastal living in South Carolina. This small town is famous for its hand-woven hammocks, inviting you to relax and soak in the peaceful vibes. The beaches here are pristine, offering both great surfing conditions and opportunities for peaceful solitude. 

You will not find the rush of commercial tourism here, which helps preserve its quiet charm. Make sure to stay at the Sea View Inn for a truly nostalgic beach experience.

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Murrells Inlet

5 Hidden South Carolina Beach Towns You Can't Miss Out On

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Murrells Inlet provides a picturesque background to South Carolina's famed Grand Strand area. As shared by Travel and Leisure, this historic fishing village is renowned for its MarshWalk, offering delicious seafood and vibrant live music. 

The Huntington Beach State Park nearby offers a quieter beach experience with miles of conservation area to explore. Murrells Inlet is perfect for those who enjoy a blend of nature and lively dining scenes. Do not miss the sunset views over the saltwater marshes-they are truly unforgettable.

Edisto Beach

5 Hidden South Carolina Beach Towns You Can't Miss Out On

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Edisto Beach in South Carolina offers a getaway that feels like stepping back in time due to its minimal development. You can rent a beach house and wake up to breathtaking ocean sunrises. 

Local restaurants, like Ella & Ollie's, serve up some of the freshest seafood in the Lowcountry. The beaches are less crowded, allowing for a more intimate connection with nature. Be sure to explore the island's rich ecology and history for a deeper appreciation of this hidden gem.

Myrtle Beach

5 Hidden South Carolina Beach Towns You Can't Miss Out On

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Myrtle Beach is not a hidden town, but it holds hidden treasures within its bustling environment. This city is a playground for all ages, with a boardwalk that offers endless entertainment and dining options. 

From the iconic SkyWheel to nostalgic shops, there is something to delight every member of the family. The beaches are vibrant and full of energy, perfect for a day of sunbathing, volleyball, or building sandcastles. Even with its popularity, you can still find your own special spot along the vast stretches of sand.

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