"The Good Place" has certainly found that "sweet spot" in the hearts of many fans; as such that with the first season over, a lot have been begging for a second season for 2016-2017.

While D'Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, may not have the answer to the query yet, she said that the season finale will definitely get you bolting off your seats in excitement. "[Shur] did such a good job of cliffhangering every episode, and the finale is that times a million," she told EW.

More so, Michael Shur, creator The Good Place as well as of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation had everyone's hopes up with a statement on January 19 with the Television Critics Association Press Tour that boasts of a possibility that there would be a season two to look out for.

"I will say that by the end of the final episode, you hopefully will be very excited to see what season 2 is," Shur said confidently. "Because you'll get the sense that season 2 will be very different from season 1."

To beef up everyone's excitement, Shur also teased in an interview with New York Times, that the season two will also showcase people who have died at their prime or more mature ages because the first season featured characters who died early or in their 30's.

Shur actually planned the first season to cap with 13 episodes. The second season will most likely run the same length. While watching marathons of the series, people would formulate varied conclusions likened to a quest. The finale has set up the stage for a lot of twists and turns to look forward to in the second season.

Kristen Bell who plays Eleanor stars in "The Good Place." She ended up going to "The Good Place" even if she was intended to go to "The Bad Place;" paradoxically. In the effort to save her friends from being thrown to "The Bad Place", dark secrets have started to unveil - it seems they weren't at "The Good Place" after all and everyone else were trying to convolute the truth.

With the show having great ratings and a huge fan base to back them up, there would be no doubt that NBC would surprise us with strings of episodes to watch out for; and The Good Place Season 2 could be just right around the corner for sure.