As Tony Bourdain visits the land of the rising sun, he explores the best places and spots in Japan from scenic views to mouthwatering food, he does it all. Japan is not only known for its very fine and unique set of technology but Japan is also well known for their food and local cuisine that is just super delicious making it a perfect place for travelers who want to seek the perfect sushi.

NipponBudokan. As stated in Travel Channel, Tony visits a Buddokan where he is treated to a practice of Kendo which is a Japanese fighting style of art taught by the masters in the school. NipponBudokan was originally built for Judo competitions which first appeared in the 1964 Olympic games, with this Buddokan translates as the martial arts hall. Over the years it has not only served Judo events but all martial arts events as well from karate, aikido, and many more. Muhammad Ali once fought a right which was held in Budokan. This place is very historic and a must visit for tourists.

Rokkakudo Temple. Rokkakudo Temple located just south of Karasuma Oike Station center of Tokyo is where you can learn the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement and bonsai art as well. The flower arranging is also known in Japan as ikebana, which is one of the arts and crafts of Kyoto being taught by master teacher Manabu Noda.

INOTADA Knife Productions. Japan is known for its durable, world class blades and Bourdain made sure that he visited one of the best. He visited a famous knife maker in Sakai where the knives that they produce also known as Sakai Knives are not just for chefs of Japanese dish but also for different dish styles as well.

Sarashini Horii. This is a modest and calming soba shop where neighbors know each other's names. For many years the current Horii family's children would run over after school and occupy a table near the kitchen while they did their homework. The waitresses have been there forever and often remember their customers favorite dishes.

According to Culinary Backstreets, the signature dish here is kakiage soba, a tempura fritter of mizuna studded with sakura ebi which is a small shrimp that is accompanied either by a bowl of hot tanemono soba noodles in a fragrant soybased dashi broth or cold seiro soba noodles for dipping in a special cold sauce.

Toriki. This restaurant offers their special that is creating yakitori from all parts of the chicken. For the atmosphere this place offers a very inviting vibe and calming feeling while you enter it and is very convenient since its near the train station. Toriki is well known for its chicken based meals from heart to liver and all, the menu in this restaurant is a must try and surely you will come wanting for more. For more about Japan stay tuned to Travelers Today.