When we think of visiting Europe, we always dream of going to Italy, specifically Venice and Milan. However, there is a mountain range in this country called the Dolomites, where you can really actually enjoy outdoor activities with beautiful scenery. Tucked away in Northern Italy, the Dolomites offer a slice of paradise with breathtaking views and a chance to dive into nature like never before.

You might wonder what you can do in such a stunning setting. Well, the Dolomites are a playground for adventurers and peace-seekers. And for those who crave a bit more adrenaline, there are thrilling bike paths that weave through the forests and mountainsides.

These are the Things You Can Do in the Dolomites, the Underrated Italian Destination
Lago di Braies
(Photo : Luca Bravo on Unsplash)

Aside from these things, what else can we do in this underrated Italian destination? Let's find out!

Hiking Through History

You can walk paths that soldiers once trod during World War I, blending adventure with a touch of history. The landscapes around you have seen centuries unfold. Imagine trekking to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, where the beauty of the mountains is matched by stories of the past. Here, nature and history merge, offering a hiking experience unlike any other. And remember, as you walk, you are stepping through time.

Lake Days in the Mountains

The Dolomites cradle some of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Lago di Braies is a gem you cannot miss, with waters that sparkle under the sun. You can rent a rowboat and glide over the surface, surrounded by mountains. These lakes offer some peacefulness from the buzz of daily life. It is a chance to breathe in the fresh mountain air and let the beauty of nature wash over you. 

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Biking for the Views

Cycling in the Dolomites brings you closer to the majestic landscapes. There are routes for everyone, from leisurely trails through meadows to challenging mountain passes. You can rent a bike and follow paths that offer panoramic views at every turn. The Dolomites feature some of the most scenic biking trails in the world, where every pedal brings a new discovery. It is a perfect way to experience the vastness of the mountains. And with each ride, you connect with the outdoors in a thrilling way.

Food in the Dolomites

Food in the Dolomites is as much about the experience as the flavors. Local cuisine reflects the blend of Italian and Tyrolean cultures. You can enjoy meals in mountain huts or traditional restaurants, where dishes are made with fresh, local ingredients. Try specialties like canederli or polenta, and savor the taste of the mountains. Dining in the Dolomites also means enjoying the view, as many eateries boast stunning mountain background. It is a feast for the senses, where every meal becomes a memorable part of your journey.

These are the Things You Can Do in the Dolomites, the Underrated Italian Destination
(Photo : Wolfgang Moroder on Wikimedia Commons)

Discover Alpine Villages

When you are bouncing around the Dolomites, make sure to hit up some of the wicked alpine villages, like Ortisei. This spot is all about those cool wooden sculptures and has a super chill vibe. It's like stepping into a laid-back world where you can buy some awesome souvenirs and communicate with the locals. These villages are tucked right in the mountains, giving you a sweet mix of scenic views and a peek into real Italian life.

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