In Sardinia, Italy, a beach is now allowing couples to have nude weddings. The local government in San Vero Milis has approved the request, offering a unique way for pairs to celebrate their love. 

The beach, known as Is Benas, has had a nudist area for two years, but now it's set to host marriage ceremonies too.

Nature's Nuptials: Nude Weddings Welcome on Sardinia Beach

(Photo : Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash)

Sardinia Beach Opens Doors to Nude Weddings

Mayor Luigi Tedeschi of San Vero Milis said the decision came after a request from a German couple who wanted to marry on the beach. 

Tedeschi believes that providing a space for nude weddings is a way to support freedom at a time when nationalist movements are restricting people's rights in Europe. He emphasized that the choice to marry naked has nothing to do with sex but is a lifestyle that connects people with nature.

According to CNN, the central part of Is Benas beach, where the nude weddings will occur, is naturally separated from clothed areas, allowing privacy. Tedeschi said that this section of the beach is cleaner and better maintained than the clothed areas. 

He added that the local community has welcomed the idea, and there haven't been complaints about the new wedding option.

The mayor hopes to create a network of naturist beaches across Sardinia to encourage respectful tourism. This effort includes promoting small local accommodations that provide a personal cultural exchange instead of large hotels. 

Tedeschi believes that naturism is ideal for tourists who want to experience nature up close.

With nearly 17 miles of coastline, San Vero Milis offers one of the most stunning beachfronts in Europe. The area is also near Tharros, a historic Roman city, enhancing its appeal for visitors interested in both natural and historical sites.

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Historic Day for Naturist Weddings at Cantarriján Beach

In May 2022, Cantarriján Beach in Andalucia's La Herradura hosted a remarkable event where eight couples participated in nude weddings, marking a unique celebration not seen since 1934. The event was orchestrated by the Association of Naturist Friends of Cantarriján Beach (AAPNC). This was the first occasion in decades that saw such a gathering for naturist weddings at one time, as Sur in English reported.

The ceremonies were held at La Barraca chiringuito, a local venue, under the guidance of Luis Aragón, Almuñécar's councilor for the environment. 

Aragón stepped in for the expected official, Daniel Barbero, the tourism councilor. He expressed his admiration for the couples and shared a poem by Victor Hugo, which was well received with applause.

Following the formalities, the newlyweds and their guests celebrated with traditional wedding photos, toasts, and a shared wedding cake, making the day memorable for everyone involved. 

This event highlighted the naturist community's vibrant culture and underscored a growing acceptance and celebration of diverse wedding forms.

Meanwhile, in 2015, George Watts, known as The Wedding Fairy, shared his views on the idea of nude weddings. He believes that weddings should be a personal reflection of the couple's interests and passions. 

According to Watts, if a couple feels connected to naturism as a way of life, they should not hesitate to incorporate that into their wedding day.

Watts emphasized that weddings are primarily about the couple, and it's important that they feel comfortable and true to themselves on their special day. He pointed out that if being nude is a significant part of a couple's lifestyle, then family and friends should be supportive of their choice to express this during their wedding celebrations.

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