New York City is so popular that anyone on earth can easily identify this place with the initials alone. But despite NYC being the place to be in contemporary times, there are still a number of facts about New York City that sweeps people off their feet for the sheer oddness of them. Here are the some of the top 5 incredible facts about NYC worth noting:

One Year Capital

Among the strangest things about NYC people 'might' have already forgotten is that it was one of the 4 national capital states of the United States before Washington DC. The earlier capitals were in Philadelphia and Maryland prior to New York City being selected as the permanent resident for George Washington's first cabinet. NYC was the capital city only for a year, from 1789 to 1790. After all, a man of George Washington's stature only requires a separate state under his namesake.

The Modern Babel

One of the top 5 incredible facts about NYC is that it perfectly captures the idea of a Babylonian city of Babel mentioned predominantly in the Judeo-Christian Bible. In fact, just like in the Holy texts, New York City is practically inhabited by every known ethnic group on the planet. Now it is host to 800 different languages.

NYC: The Millionaires' Land

According to several news websites, 1 out of 21 New Yorkers is considered a millionaire. Hence, being dubbed as the millionaires' land is just one of the amazing facts about New York City. This city is the fiscal embodiment of the American Dream.

Why Is It Called 'Pearl Street' Again?

There is a reason why one neighborhood in New York City is called Pearl Street. In the 19th Century, oysters were once a very popular fare in the city. Given its enormous population at that time, the number of leftover shells was used to pave an entire district. It is probably one of the many strangest facts about NYC.  

2018 Underground Park

Among the interesting facts about New York City worth anticipating is the completion of the proposed Underground Park in 2018. The Delancey Underground section within Manhattan territory was chosen as an ideal site for development. Soon, it will become an eco-tourist haven to marvel for centuries.