Apart from being the birthplace of Pope John Paul II, there are a few things people can clearly think of about Poland. Without easy references to associate this country, people would naturally turn to some of the 5 awesome facts about Poland - and what makes it an extraordinary place of substance for prospective vacationers.

Project: Restoration Warsaw

Unbeknownst to many people, one of the crazy things about Poland not clearly mentioned by mass media is that a significant portion of its capital was systematically demolished by the Nazis in World War II. Such was the price they paid for resisting the Nazi's 'right to exterminate everyone they don't like.' Almost every piece of infrastructure that stands in Warsaw (yes, including the Royal Castle) was painstakingly rebuilt using old paintings.

The World's Oldest Restaurant

Only a few people on earth could guess which country has the world's oldest restaurant, much less those who can guess how old it is. The Piwnicka Swidnicka, located in Wroclaw, has been operating since 1275 AD! Truly, this bistro makes Poland a unique place to visit.

Beer Lover's Haven

Speaking of dining, one of the crazy things about Poland that people may vaguely notice is that this country has an unusual obsession with beer. In fact, Poles have an average annual consumption of 92 liters of beer. This beverage might be the third most important drink after cold and hot water.

Land of Brilliant Minds

When Poles say their country is 'the land of brilliant minds,' it's actually not an idle bost. One of the 5 awesome facts about Poland is that this country won a total of 17 Nobel prizes. These people might just love it when foreigners ask them how smart they are exactly.

Nearly 3000 Years In Making

Among the things that make Poland a unique place to visit is its unique ancient history. In fact, Poland already had a civilization since 2000 BC. But it took them around 966 AD to acquire the concept of a unified country, under the leadership of a Slavic chief named Mieszko.