Every country gives foreign tourists one or two good reasons for a visit. However, the basis as to why people visit Peru and find it particularly attractive is that it is one of the fewest places on earth that captures a wide range of interests. These top 5 reasons to visit Peru definitely appeals to several varieties of tourists:

Mosaic Micro Climates

One of the known facts about Peru in terms of its geography is that it is a nation composed of several ecosystems. Its geographical diversity is comprised of the steep highlands of the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu, the arid Nazca Desert, the humid Amazon rainforest and the placid Lake Titicaca. Eco-tourists, travel bloggers, hikers and all types of free-spirited adventurers will find their hearts in Peru's mosaic geography.  

Home of the Ancients

Whether one prefers the ancient Incas or the ancient aliens, Peru attracts an army of avid academics - whether they're graduates from Princeton University or fans of National Geographic Channel. The Machu Picchu remains to be the centerpiece of Peru's heritage tourism while the infamous Nazca Lines of the Peruvian desert continue to inspire the revolutionary 'extraterrestrial intervention' as another branch of human evolution.

Hotel and Restaurant Boom

One of the many things that made traveling in Peru agreeable is that one can hardly experience any difficulty finding a place to sleep. For the past few years, Peru has increased its number of hotels at an almost exponential rate. While hotels spike in quantity, its famous restaurants maintain their world-class quality - serving the best local and imported dishes. 

Colorful Culture Shock

Any veteran tourists traveling in Peru have already learned beforehand that its people are just as unique as the world they are living in. Speaking of culture shock, the far-flung high-altitude regions of Cusco holds a peculiar barehanded fighting every Christmas. Yes - only in Peru where the spirit of Christmas is celebrated with a broken nose!

Less than $40 Daily Budget  

If there is one compelling reason why people visit Peru, it is the fact that traveling this country is relatively cheap. The daily budget in the cultural haven of Cusco is only $30.26, while the capital city of Lima only costs $31.17 per day.