Visiting a country that has an unpleasant reputation is one thing. Countries like Venezuela, Brazil, and even Turkey already had 'warning labels' for travelers. However, any nation plagued by terrorism is a whole new level of life-threatening danger that one must avoid at all cost.

Unlike violent crimes like homicide and public disturbance, terrorist attacks are something that even the standing army would struggle to control. Bombing, kidnapping, and public executions make terrorist groups like ISIS a menace worth purging. And no other places on earth are more precarious than these top 5 countries plagued by terrorists.


According to World Atlas and Forbes, Iraq is listed as the most terrorist-plagued nation on earth. This country has earned a terror scale of 10, making it a ground-zero territory with a threshold measurement for danger. The death toll reached a total of 6,960 deaths and 11,900 injuries within a single year (2015) - all these orchestrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


The reason why the United States considers Afghanistan as a country one must avoid at all cost is because of the nation's popular support for the fundamentalist political movement called the Taliban. In 2016, the Taliban killed over 5,312 and maimed another 6,429 of its countrymen, reaching the terror 9.23 terror scale.


Military and political authorities consider the Boko Haram as an African offshoot of ISIS. This group has subjected Nigeria into a series of vicious attacks that it became one of the top 5 countries plagued by terrorists. The Boko Haram has accumulated a death toll of 4,950 since 2015, resulting in a 9.21 terror scale in Nigeria.


Insular terrorist groups like the Taliban have managed to inspire sympathizers in neighboring countries. Hence, the Pakistani branch of Taliban forces claimed over 1,086 lives in 2015 alone. Curiously, the MI5 intelligence in the United Kingdom only placed Pakistan at Level 32 threat assessment despite its 9.07 terror scale.


The acronym for the terrorist group ISIS would not be complete without including Syria. Even though this country has bitterly fought back with the help of Russian allies, ISIS is not yet expelled from the country. The fight between the Russian-backed government and the renegade caliphate claimed a total of 400,000 deaths as of 2016. Syria has a terror scale of 8.11.