For foodie travelers who crave for 'excitement' in their dishes, it is important for them to know where to spend vacation for spicy food. Most of these foodie travelers in the United States consider it a milestone to taste exotic dishes the way it is exactly prepared in their origin countries.

These top 5 countries are known for serving hot piquant dishes. In most cases, foodie travelers can somehow attest how imitations from their neighborhood only come second place by comparison. Here are the following recommended destinations:


As the center for the vegan culture around the world, Indians are the culinary masters of hot piquant dishes that bring out the excitement out of the usually bland and boring vegetable-based staple meal. Indian cuisine relies heavily on garlic, chili, pepper and coriander - and these are just the basics spices. Among its most famous dishes include the Vindaloo curry, Rajasthan laal maas, and Chennai chicken 65.


The home of reggae music, the Caribbean nation of Jamaica has a knack for putting some sweetness in their staple spicy food. One of the most well-known local fares includes the jerk chicken and curry goat, both dishes heavily laced with the local spice called Scotch bonnet.


In the United States, Mexican food penetrated the mainstream flavors with their emphasis on peppery fare. The ordinary exotic menu comprised of burrito, salsa, taco are the boring staple fares in their native homeland. Supersized chilies like the jalapeno are the pride of Mexican culinary culture.


Thai food in the United States food chains is a well-balanced mosaic of flavors. But in Thailand, foreigners are normally shocked by how locals define hot and piquant dishes. Authentic local Thai food has a way of crossing the extremes in terms of how the average human tongue can endure. Among their renowned exotic dishes includes Tom Yum soup and Thai chili frog.  

South Korea

Most of the Korean dishes can be categorized in two words - either 'spicy' or 'bizarre.' Eating live octopus (no kidding) is a normal thing among athletes and martial artists. But the bizarre aside, Koreans are fine connoisseurs of peppery flavors. Their staple spicy food, the kimchi, is fermented cabbage heavily marinated in chili sauce.